Mulder and Scully will not reunite on TV, Anderson and Duchovny reveal...but a film may happen

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny share the stage at at Comic Con for X-Files' 20th anniversary

Mulder and Scully will not reunite on TV, Anderson and Duchovny reveal...but a film may happen
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The truth was certainly out there at San Diego Comic Con 2013 as the makers of X Files celebrated its 20th anniversary by reuniting Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny's Mulder and Scully, as well as show-writer Vince Gilligan and creator Chris Carter. 

After a stronghold legacy of nine seasons and two movies, the panel were greeted to roaring applause as they discussed past filming exploits, cameos that never were, and the potential for a third movie ever coming to light.

The group also marvelled at the show’s timelessness after two decades, all agreeing if the series was conceived today, the same creation would crawl out.

“The show is very dark by design,” Carter explained. “The technology has changed and that would affect some things. But what we did is what we’d do now.” 

The panel did however have some regrets, as Gilligan confessed that Drew Barrymore was due to make an appearance on the show, with Carter adding that he practically begged Tom Waits to appear. However one name that did turn up would end up changing both his and Gilligan’s later career.

“That was fruitful for me, personally,” Gilligan admitted on meeting Bryan Cranston on series six, before going on to confess that The X Files was the show that inspired his own projects.

“There would be no Breaking Bad without The X Files. I was just as lucky as hell I got to be a part of it.”  

But with Breaking Bad now wrapped up, Gilligan was also confronted by the notion that there could be room for a third sequel to the two existing X Files movies. 

“We can get to it later,” Carter asserted quickly, with Anderson promptly slapping away rumours of a new series.

But despite the swift rejection of igniting X Files’ future, Anderson and Duchovny were still rife with admiration for their Agent characters, looking back at favourite moments together, with Duchovny declaring the series would always be special. Anderson also looked at the strength of her character as a feminist role model, with Carter agreeing she was the “fantasy woman”. 

“Scully had quite a huge impact on people from aspects of her personality and her personal strength and things she stood up for. But she was also a decent human being. People listened to her and she got to boss people around.”