From Britney Spears to Ant & Dec - the best (and worst) celebrity restaurateurs

As Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon announces plans to open her own restaurant, we look at the other famous faces who've turned their talents to food...

From Britney Spears to Ant & Dec - the best (and worst) celebrity restaurateurs
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What do Ant and Dec and Dermot O'Leary have in common? [Hint: it's not presenting jobs on hit reality TV shows...]

In fact, The BGT and X Factor hosts both have their name above the door of a British eating establishment, as do a fair few more familiar faces.

So forget celebrity spotting at fancy restaurants, visit one of these haunts and you might even get served by one...

Atomic KittenLiz McClarnon, former Atomic Kitten and winner of Celebrity MasterChef is the latest in a long line of celebrities to dream of running their own restaurant. She hasn't opened anywhere just yet but the star has said: "I know a lot about food and wines... I want it to succeed.” That’s fighting talk.

Liz isn't the only member of the hit 90s girl band to turn her hand to the world of hospitality. Fellow Kitten Natasha Hamilton opened a club in Liverpool as well as a chain of coffee shops. The club was shut down by police twice because of knife crime, and then shut for good, while the coffee shops have recently faced closures and claims over unpaid rent. Maybe the less said about that the better.

Ant and DecFrom Liverpool to Newcastle. TV’s most loveable double act Ant and Dec decided to put their millions to good use by buying up their local pub.

You can find The Lodge on Newcastle’s diamond strip for pizza, chicken wings and the ultimate stag and hen experience. Just don’t expect to find either of the presenting duo tending bar…

Dermot O'LearyEssex lad Dermot O'Leary branched out away from his hometown to open the hilariously named Fishy Fishy. (Guess what it sells...?)

The nautical diner first opened in Brighton, where it was deemed "rather more Same Difference than Leona Lewis" by a Guardian restaurant critic. Fishy Fishy did pop up in Poole too, but sadly closed earlier this year. Perhaps it just didn't have the X Factor... (Apologies, Dermot. We’re sure you’ve heard that joke before)

Piers MorganNow here’s a watering hole where you wouldn’t want to have one too many glasses of wine and start spilling your secrets. Especially if you are friends with any famous faces…

Scandal-seeker and feud-monger Piers Morgan owned fancy pub The Hansom Cab in Kensington, transforming the inn into a pricey Oyster bar with Marco Pierre White.

Gossipers in west London can now relax. Morgan seems to have left his pub-owning days behind him now he’s taking up column inches in the US.

Alan SugarWe’re sure this celebrity restaurant owner put 110% into their new business venture.

Local resident (and that guy off The Apprentice) Alan Sugar bought a historic Essex pub called Ye Olde Kings Head and decided to turn it into a Turkish restaurant.

It seemed like a strange move and it's currently getting mixed reviews on t'internet, but the staff had better make sure it works. If not, we all know what’s going to happen…

Peter AndreNot content with fronting his very own reality show and tending to his adorable brood of children, Peter Andre decided to turn his back on music (Oh wait… no, apparently he is still releasing records. Our mistake) and open up New York Coffee Club in Brighton and East Grinstead.

Sadly, Andre’s caffeine fix hit the headlines for its poor hygiene rating (the result of overflowing bins, dirty floors and unsafe frozen chicken…) but the website now boasts of a five star rating for health and hygiene so things must be on the up!

Mark WalhbrugIf you can make a food based pun out of your surname, why not, eh? Mark Wahlberg has done what any sane man with his name would do and opened a burger joint with his brother called, you guessed it, Wahlburgers.  

We don't even know if the food is any good. The question is, does it even need to be when the restaurant has a name that good?

Britney SpearsThere was a time when it seemed a spot of Britney Spears branding could make a success of anything… but sadly that wasn’t the case when the Oops I Did It Again singer decided to turn her hand to food.

Unlike Wahlburgers, Britney's place had a less than inspiring name (Nyla - it's New York smushed with LA...) but just like Peter Andre, poor Britney's eatery was blighted by poor hygiene. And that was what ultimately halted the venture, just months after it opened.

What have we learned? Just because you're famous, doesn't mean you don't have to do the washing up.

Ryan GoslingFrom a foodie flop to the dizzying heights of culinary success. Ryan Gosling’s restaurant is actually something of a dining destination.

And the food clearly isn’t the only draw for customers.

Apparently the star doesn't actually frequent the Moroccan restaurant very often but it’s one way of getting a little bit closer to the Hollywood heartthrob, isn’t it?