Doctor Who: the most ridiculous suggestions for Matt Smith's replacement

Danny Dyer? Simon Cowell? Iain Duncan Smith? Tom Cruise? Who are they trying to kid...?

Doctor Who: the most ridiculous suggestions for Matt Smith's replacement
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Paul Jones

Since Matt Smith announced last weekend that he is to leave Doctor Who at the end of the year, we've all been having lots of fun discussing who the eleventh Doctor's replacement might be. We've given you educated guesses as well as some relatively wild speculation. But there is a limit – and these people just passed it...

Iain Duncan Smith

“With his otherworldly looks Iain Duncan Smith could make the part his own,” says Wales Online, even renaming the former Conservative leader Iain Dalek Smith (get it? No, us neither). One way or another, they're pretty keen on the next Doctor being a Tory politician rather than an actor, also suggesting William Hague, Boris Johnson and Ann Widdecombe...

Danny Dyer

Is there a region of Gallifrey where the Time Lords sound like mockney geezers? We don’t think so. Yet according to Bleeding Cool, this one's a done deal. “My Doctor’s the man,” Dyer is quoted as saying. “He’s been around a bit, right? He’s over 900 years old, which is, like, f***ing ancient, right? A bloke who’s been around that long, he’s gonna have shagged a lot of birds, done a lot of drugs, lived it up, yeah? He’s doctorin’ the Tardis, innit? That’s what he’s all about.”

Tom Cruise

Sure, the Doctor could be black or female but American? That really is going too far. There's only room for one loveable Yank in the Tardis and that's Captain Jack Barrowman. Anyway, trying to sign up a Hollywood star like Tom Cruise for Doctor Who isn't just a 250/1 long-shot as bookies William Hill suggest – it's Mission: Impossible...

Simon Cowell

It’s a “no” from us to the Britain’s Got Talent judge regenerating into a Time Lord – although we must admit his square head and strange high-trousered ways do strike us as rather alien. At 250 to 1 he’s about as likely to win the part as a dancing dog…

to be continued...

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