Domino’s dish up DVDs that smell of pizza

Brazilians have found a way to make DVD rental a tasty proposition – but will they get their discs back intact?


Brazilian chains of Domino’s takeaway pizza have teamed up with local DVD rental shops to create discs that smell of pizza (yes, you did read that sentence correctly).


All the intrigued punter need do is rent a DVD for the night from a participating chain, wait until the film is finished, open the DVD player and voilà – out pops the DVD looking, and smelling, like a pizza (yes, it’s like the DVD player is the oven).

The magic happens via thermal ink, which uses heat created by the DVD player to turn the disc into a delicious looking pizza, which smells like it’s fresh from the box.

The idea? To tempt you to order a pizza next time you rent a DVD. Or, if like us you start drooling upon even thinking about a freshly delivered pizza, to pick up the phone right away.

Bonkers? Yes. Likely to work? You better believe it (although a prominent warning ‘this disc is not edible’ would probably be a good idea if the rental companies want their DVDs back in one piece).

Unfortunately, Dominos told that we shouldn’t be expecting this little trick to be making its way to the UK anytime soon.


Darn it. First they take our Olympics, then they block us from the pizza discs. It’s clearly time for a field trip to Brazil…