Zygons to appear in Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

A brand new image of the classic Doctor Who foe has been released as a teaser for the sci-fi drama's upcoming anniversary episode


Here’s some good news for fans of classic Doctor Who villains: the Zygons are going to play a part in the BBC sci-fi drama’s 50th anniversary special.


This image was released today with the hashtag #DoctorWho50th through the official Doctor Who Twitter account and shows one of the sucker-covered aliens standing in a sun-lit field. Here’s the Zygon in all its fleshy glory:


The Zygons first appeared in Doctor Who way back in 1975, when they battled the Fourth Doctor in Terror of the Zygons (which you can learn more about in our Classic Doctor Who story guide, here).

But while they’ve since popped up in various other Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures stories, which recycled archive footage from Terror of the Zygons, they’ve yet to make a proper on-screen return.


Filming on the 50th anniversary episode beings this week, while the current series of Doctor Who continues on Saturday at 6.15pm on BBC1.