Benedict Cumberbatch: We’d love to have Lara Pulver back in Sherlock

The star would welcome a return for dominatrix Irene Adler, saying "she was terrific fun"


She’s the only woman to have turned Sherlock‘s head, or challenged his intellect, so perhaps it’s no surprise that the detective – or at least the star who plays him – would welcome a return for dominatrix Irene Adler, aka actress Lara Pulver.


Benedict Cumberbatch says having Pulver back on the show “would be lovely”, adding “she’s fantastic to work with. She was wonderful.

“She was terrific fun, she was so brilliant in it,” Cumberbatch told at the South Bank Show Awards yesterday, “and we’d love to have her back.”

Pulver starred in just one episode of Sherlock  series two opener A Scandal in Belgravia  but immediately captured the imagination of viewers with a combination of her whip-smart intellect, S&M styling and a now notorious nude scene.

So could Adler be back for series three this autumn? “I don’t know,” said Cumberbatch. “Maybe not in this series but she’s a great strong character, even though she only appeared once.”

Cumberbatch hinted that fans were likely to meet some of Sherlock Holmes’s other formidable nemeses before Adler was brought back, saying: “There are quite a few other people as well to feature that haven’t been yet.”

But even if Adler does not appear in the upcoming series, Cumberbatch’s announcement yesterday that Sherlock will return for a fourth run, leaves the door open for her.

Pulver herself has made no secret of the fact that she would be interested in reprising her role.

“It would be an absolute pleasure,” she said in January, citing her chemistry with Cumberbatch as one of the main attractions. 


“We have a lovely chemistry and a lovely a rapport and a relationship where, we might not see each other for a few months, and then we get back together and it’s just like old friends,” she said.