Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon’s football rulebook changes

Time-wasting, diving, and abusive language drive the ITV pundits mad - and they'd ban physios from the pitch and institute team bookings


Adrian Chiles


1. Time-wasting frustrates me enormously and I can’t believe we still put up with players running down the clock. I’d introduce a set time within which a throw-in must be taken. Say five or ten seconds. And if it’s not taken within that time, the throw-in is given to the other team.

2. I’d also introduce team punishment for bookings. It doesn’t seem fair that one team can have six or seven bookings spread throughout their team when the other side can have just two, but if they go to the same bloke, he’s sent off. I propose that if a side collects six bookings, they have to lose a man.

Lee Dixon

1. Diving drives me mad. The simple way to stop it is by retrospective punishment. So if a ref misses it, a video panel examines the incident after the game and hands out a punishment if they decide the player is guilty of diving.

2. I hate abusive language. Things have got out of hand. If it was made an immediate red card offence, it would put a stop to it.


3. Allow physios on the pitch while the game’s going on when a player goes down supposedly injured. Keep the game flowing. it works in rugby, so let’s have it.