The sitcom map of London

A map that pinpoints the locations of every London-set British sitcom from the past 50 years? You must be joking...


Londoners: did you know that the characters from ’90s sitcoms Ab Fab and As Time Goes By were practically next door neighbours? Or that there’s only ever been one comedy series set in Billingsgate Market? How about the fact that Nathan Barley lived in the same parish as Tom Hollander in Rev?


All these fun facts and many, many more have just been revealed by metropolitan culture site, which has plotted the locations of every London-set British sitcom of the past 50 or so years on an interactive map.

The site explained that “armed only with an internet connection, an A to Z, and our 1998 vintage Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy,” its staff have managed to winkle out the locations of every sitcom that takes place in a specific London locale or a fictionalised version of one.

They’ve ignored sitcoms generically set “in London” and colour coded the pins on the map by decade: red for those from before 1970; purple for the ‘70s; blue for ‘80s; green for ‘90s; and yellow for anything made after the millennium. Pretty nifty, eh?

Check out the sitcom map of London below:


View London sitcoms in a larger map