Call the Midwife series two, episode seven – preview pictures and predictions

A recap, plus shots from this Sunday's episode (in which the midwives get a scooter and Chummy makes her return) accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game...


Last week’s episode of Call the Midwife saw deadly tuberculosis come to Poplar.


Sister Bernadette was still pining for Dr Turner and confused about her position at the nunnery. And to make matters worse, the lovestruck couple found themselves getting closer when she helped him secure a mass X-Ray machine to screen the residents of Poplar against TB.

Elsewhere Jenny came into contact with a failing old man, whose estranged daughter was keeping her advanced pregnancy secret so she wouldn’t lose her job. The pair were the only two remaining members of a family devastated by TB – Jenny set about bringing the father and daughter together before it was too late.

Back at Nonnatus House, the X-Ray machine arrived to screen the population of Poplar – but revealed some sad and unexpected news: Sister Bernadette was suffering from the disease. 

As the episode drew to a close, Jenny’s patient gave birth to her baby just in time for her father to hold the newborn before he passed away and Dr Turner dropped Sister Bernadette off at a convent in the country to begin her fight against TB…

But what’s going to happen next week? We’ve got our hands on some shots of the action and have made our usual spurious suggestions…


Trixie is looking a little glum. But that’s no surprise. Things have been a bit dreary at Nonnatus House of late, what with Sister Bernadette being struck down with TB, Jenny having her heart broken (again), Cynthia being the centre of a police investigation, Chummy running off to Africa and Trixie’s less than successful date with that creepy local celebrity.

The midwife’s peroxide curls, lippie and extravagant Marilyn Monroe heels are a bit wasted on the mothers of the east end and their good for nothing husbands…


Sister Bernadette isn’t looking much cheerier. There she was last week moments away from casting off her nun’s habit and following her heart… and now she has found herself away from the east end fighting TB all on her own. Hardly the recipe for romance, eh?

Sister Julienne on the other hand looks quite perky. Would it be fair to assume that having an ill nun on her hands is better than a nun who is planning on running away with the local GP? Maybe she’s come to check up on the poorly lamb and make sure Dr Turner is only making visits of a professional nature…


But luckily for us there is much brighter news on the horizon… Chummy and her hubbie are back from Africa!

And the pair don’t seem much changed by their stint overseas. They are looking rather dapper in their matching, awfully British and slightly womanly (take note, Mr Noakes) beige ensembles.

And what’s this we spy? Is Chummy set to become one of the maternity home’s patients? Are we about to see the pitter patter of (possibly quite big and clumsy) feet? Let’s hope that’s the case and the lovely Chummy’s not just wearing an unflattering blouse…


And more exciting news for the midwives of the East End. Nonnatus House has only gone and bagged itself a scooter. 

How very modern. Might their trademark bicycles be no more? Really we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves. Of course Trixie can ride the pearly moped with poise and precision, but moving with the times and embracing motorised transport isn’t for everyone…


Sister Evangeline looks as though she’s about to take flight, and poor Fred is none too happy about it.

The no-nonsense nun looks hellbent on mastering the art of moped-ing. She may have donned her protective goggles (we can’t imagine fashionable Trixie ever putting on a pair of them) but with that reckless, devil may care attitude we’d jump ship if we were you, Fred…

We’d have guessed that traditional Sister Evangeline would be resistant to such extravagant modes of transport, but maybe she’s a changed woman? Perhaps she’ll be pioneering epidurals before we know it.


This sombre couple must be part of next episode’s central storyline. There appears to be a lot of staring and teary eyes – and the back of this man’s head seems to the the root of the drama.

What has he said? Perhaps he’s criticised this woman’s excessive overuse of baby pink frills (someone needs to tell her…)

Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8pm on BBC1