How well do Ant and Dec know each other?

As they prepare to host a new series of Saturday Night Takeaway, the inseparable duo take Radio Times's quickfire quiz...


1. Who is funnier and why?


Ant: Me, obviously!
Dec: I think Ant is. He makes me laugh. I never make myself laugh! Actually that’s not true — I do laugh at my own jokes occasionally but not as much as I laugh at his.

2. Who is smarter and why?

A: Dec. He likes to smarten up on a day off but I like a more casual look.
D: Tough one. I think we have different academic strengths. I’d be better at numbers and logic — he hates stuff like sudokus, which I like, to pass the time on journeys.

3. Who has a shorter fuse and why?

A: Dec… ask him. But be careful when you do.
D: Me. Not something I’m proud of and something I’m trying to improve.

4. Who is the more sensible driver and why?

A: Ha! Dec. My automobile history is not good.
D: I’m going to say me because I’ve been driving longer. I started as soon as I was 17 – he waited a few years.

5. Who talks the most?

A: Me, me, me!
D: I think this is equal. Our words are split when we’re on air. Off air, he’s on the phone more than me, so I’ll say he edges it.

6. Who is more likely to forget a name and why?

A: Me. Short attention span.
D: Ant. I tend to remember things like that, so he doesn’t bother!

7. How many GCSEs does the other have?

A: Five each.
D: Three Bs and two Cs, same as me!

8. How old is the other?

A: What?? Easy, both 37.
D: We’re both 37. I’m two months older!

9. What are your mums’ first names?

A: My mum is Christine, his mum is Anne.
D: His mum is Christine, my mum is Anne.

10. What would be your last meal? What would the other choose?

A: Roast dinner for me, Chinese for Dec.
D: Roast dinner for Ant, Chinese for me.

11. When was the last time you got drunk?

A: Birmingham on the Britain’s Got Talent audition tour.
D: Last weekend. An Indian meal on the Britain’s Got Talent audition tour.

12. What was your first job – and his?

A: Paperboy. Dec’s was Biker Grove
D: Ant’s was a paperboy or Why Don’t You…? Mine was Byker Grove.


Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway begins on Saturday at 7:00pm on ITV