Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer filming new sitcom

Shooting Stars duo to record pilot in front of live audience at TV Centre next month


Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are working on a new TV sitcom – but fans will have to wait for any concrete details about it.


What is known is that the duo, whose beloved comedy quiz Shooting Stars was controversially booted off BBC2 in 2011, are recording a pilot episode of a new comedy at BBC Television Centre on 22 March. Mortimer tweeted yesterday to announce the recording and to direct his followers to @VicAndBobSitcom, an account dedicating to handling ticket applications.

“Inundated with requests!” the account said this morning. “We’re working our way through the requests on a first come first served basis, could take a while!” Those applying have so far received an email that promises more information at a later date.

Mortimer did, however, say – in a tweet that was subsequently deleted – that he was rehearsing a new sitcom called F*** This House with Reeves, former Shooting Stars sidekick Dan Skinner, Matt Berry, Morgana Robinson, Pramface star Dylan Edwards and Norwegian stand-up comedian Daniel Simonsen.

The BBC has offered no official comment on the project, although it seems likely that F*** This House would not be the title of the series were it to air on BBC2.

Filming at TV Centre does not necessarily, of course, mean that the show is intended for the BBC at all, since the studios there have long been used by production companies working for other broadcasters.

When Shooting Stars ended in 2011, the BBC seemed to say goodbye to Vic and Bob as a duo altogether by thanking them “for everything they’ve brought to the channel over the years”. The pair then rather pointedly turned up on C4 in 2012 with the very similar comedy celebrity quiz Lucky Sexy Winners.

Since then, however, Reeves has appeared in two series of the CBBC show Ministry of Curious Stuff and, under his real name Jim Moir, in the sitcom Hebburn.

Channel 4 confirmed to that the new sitcom project was not intended for broadcast by them.


Reeves and Mortimer’s last sitcom project was Catterick, which ran on BBC3 for a single six-part series in 2004.