Dancing on Ice gets serious as Matt Lapinskas scores £5000 bet to win

Beth Tweddle may be the current favourite, but Matt's got some work to do as a viewer backs him with the record-breaking bet


As if taking to ice on a pair of dangerously thin blades, while attempting to smile, perform and hold your partner up in the air wasn’t hard enough, Matt Lapinskas (of Eastenders fame) has got the added stress of trying not to short change a viewer who has bet £5000 on him to win, reports Telly Mix. According to Ladbrokes it’s the highest bet that has ever been placed on a Dancing On Ice final prediction.


While certainly flattering, especially considering Matt and his partner Brianne Delcourt were in the skate-off just a couple of weeks ago, it’s possibly a little misguided as Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle reportedly remains the bookies’ favourite to win. Let’s hope they actually know how betting odds work and won’t be cancelling their summer holiday. As it’s prop week this Sunday maybe Matt could just skate with an ‘I’m sorry’ sign, just in case.

Away from the ice it seems judge Jason Gardiner, aka ‘Mr Nasty’, may be going a little soft after being the only judge to vote to save cutesy Keith Chegwin from this week’s battle of the bottom two. Jason tweeted, “I must say that Cheggers always found himself in the bottom 2 due to lack of viewer votes. The real shame is that he wasn’t supported by the public.” Gawd, it’s like being in trouble with the headteacher isn’t it? Jason even moaned he was the only one not to get any of Robin Cousins’s velvet cake, the poor lamb.

After Joe Pasquale joked he’d put his jock strap on ebay after being kicked off, it seems some of the other DOI alumni are trying to cash in on their time on the show. Ex-TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has been tweeting about her Dancing On Ice inspired cosmetics including ice shimmer and dancing glow. And there was us thinking dancing glow was just what happened after a few bevvies and a couple of over-zealous attempts at Gangnam Style…

With most of the celeb skaters and their pro-skating partners tweeting, the show is becoming much more interactive, with the judges clearing up any concerns about their scores (cough, yours are still low Ashley) and the skaters calling for more votes. Twitter-loving Phillip Schofield is also attempting to turn DOI into I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! stealing Ant and Dec’s ‘word up’ idea, in which he tries to weave a word into his interviews. This week’s word was ‘dabble’, so he’s not really knocked one out the park yet. Get antidisestablishmentarianism in there and we might be impressed, Phil.


Check out Sunday night’s ITV show at 6.15pm to see which props the skaters have been training with this week as the final five take to the ice.