Cloud Atlas star James D’Arcy: I didn’t recognise Hugh Grant on set

"You did sometimes sit down in make-up and it could be five minutes before you went ‘Oh my god! That’s...'"


James D’Arcy, star of Cloud Atlas, has said the film’s prosthetics are so convincing, they stopped him recognising his co-star Hugh Grant.


Speaking to at the gala screening of Cloud Atlas, D’Arcy said: “You did sometimes sit down in make-up and, if the person sitting next to you didn’t speak, it could be five minutes before you went ‘Oh my god! That’s Hugh Grant…’”

James D’Arcy plays four characters in the film, including an older man. “Playing the old man was really horrendous,” said the 37-year-old star. “I could actually see that I might end up looking like that.”

“I immediately went out and bought a juicer and started taking yoga lessons,” the actor went on. “I was desperately trying to stave off the ravages of time.”

Cloud Atlas is based on David Mitchell’s novel of the same name and covers six different periods in time. Talking about his role in the epic story, D’Arcy called it “fantastic” and “a dream come true”. 

He said: “It’s the most amazing script I’ve ever read. I don’t think there’s an actor on the planet who wouldn’t have bitten your hand off to be involved.”


Cloud Atlas is released in UK cinemas from 22 February.