Quiz Free or Die Hard: just how well do you know John McClane?

Simon says: take our fiendish 20-question quiz and test your knowledge of Die Hard trivia to the max


It’s time to sort fairweather John McClane fans from the real diehard Die Hard nuts with a fiendish 20-question quiz about the series.


So if the idea of testing your Die Hard knowledge doesn’t give you the Willis (sorry), have a bash at our trivia test and check your score at the bottom of the quiz to find out just how well you know the action franchise.

To paraphrase Jeremy Irons in Die Hard With a Vengeance: Simon says get your thinking cap on…

1. Which award-winning British actor played Hans Gruber in the original 1988 Die Hard?

2. What is the American title of Die Hard 4.0?

3. Name the Roderick Thorpe novel which was used as the basis for Die Hard:

4. What type of shop was Zeus Carver (Samuel L Jackson) working in at the beginning of Die Hard With a Vengeance?

5. John McClane’s son is called Jack, but what is the name of his daughter?

6. In which building does the first Die Hard take place?

7. What was the title of the Die Hard video game released for PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PC in 1996?

8. Which BBC newsreader makes a cameo appearance in A Good Day to Die Hard?

9. Name the principle antagonist in Die Hard 2:

10. Who plays master hacker Frederick ‘Warlock’ Kaludis in Die Hard 4.0?

11. What was the name of Hans Gruber’s number one henchman in Die Hard?

12. Which tune from the American Civil War plays during the bank robbery in Die Hard With a Vengeance?

13. The first two Die Hard films take place on a special day of the year. Name the day:

14. In which country does the closing scene of Die Hard With a Vengeance take place?

15. Complete this tagline for A Good Day to Die Hard: Yippee-Ki-Yay Mother…

16. What is the term used in Die Hard 4.0 to describe a full-scale attack on America’s computer systems?

17. What is the name of John McClane’s long-suffering wife?

18. Die Hard was originally written as Commando 2, a vehicle for which popular action star?

19. Which magazine originally published the article that Die Hard 4.0 was based on?

20. On which British TV magazine show did Die Hard star Bruce Willis give a toe-curlingly awkward interview in 2013?



16-20: Super-cop: If ever a bomb needs defusing with Die Hard trivia knowledge (don’t ask how), you’d be on the authorities’ speed-dial. 
11-15: Grizzled detective:
Very good, don’t get us wrong, but not great. A bit like Die Hard 2.
6-10: Workaday gumshoe:
Room for improvement – but maybe you just haven’t had chance to see A Good Day to Die Hard yet. 
0-5: Bruce Witless:
 Die Hard not your specialist subject, then? Oh well, never mind: have a go at our film taglines quiz instead…