Call the Midwife series two, episode five – preview pictures and predictions

We take a look at Sunday's episode and make some guesses about what happens next...


This Sunday’s episode saw Jenny return to the convent after her stint at a short staffed London hospital. But it wasn’t all cake and cuddles with babies upon her return…


Jenny soon assisted at the birth of local woman Ruby’s third baby, who was born with Spina Bifida. While Jenny struggled to deal with her shock, Ruby ignored her baby and refused to accept her little one’s disability.

Meanwhile the Reverend Appleby Thornton, Chummy’s eccentric friend, arrived for a stay at Nonnatus House. The chatty chap immediately hit it off with mousy newcomer Jane, who the young midwives had discovered was yet to have her first kiss. The Reverend asked Jane to accompany him to a dance, but a nervous Jane was too scared to go and ended up back at the convent sobbing into her bedsheets.

With Ruby still refusing to look after her newborn and Jenny working through the night to make sure he was cared for, it seemed it was time for a decision to be made so Jenny visited a local children’s home.

But when it came down to it, Ruby refused to give away her baby. And in a heartwarming ending, Jane had her very first kiss with Reverend Appleby Thornton. Aww.

But what’s going to happen next week? We’ve got our hands on some preview pictures and made some spurious suggestions…


Now who do you think is the object of Sister Bernadette’s dreamy gaze? Dr Turner of course. The pair were made for each other, and there’s just one thing in the way… Shame that one thing is the fact that Sister Bernadette has decided to dedicate her life to God, eh?

Behind those pearly specs, those eyes are longing for something she can never have…


Or can she…? The pair are standing unusually close together here. Maybe Sister Bernadette has thrown caution to the wind and gone after her man?

While Sister Bernadette looks a little ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’, Dr Turner is pulling a slightly strange expression. A little bit smug perhaps? We suppose a nun choosing you over her calling must be a something of an ego boost…


Meanwhile, has delivering all those babies to (mostly) happy mums and dads without so much as a boyfriend between them finally got too much for the young midwives? Have the broody girls taken matters into their own hands and nabbed a couple of cute babies for themselves?

We’re sure a few stern words from the nuns are on the cards. Not to mention what the Royal College of Midwives might have to say about it…


From baby-stealer to sexy siren… Finally, flirty Trixie has doffed her midwife’s outfit for something a little more glamorous.

She might look good, but she doesn’t look to happy about. Perhaps she’s broken a perfectly painted nail or misplaced her lipstick?


More likely, Trixie’s troubled expression has something to do with this man. The greasy-haired charmer with his questionable eyebrows and flamboyant necktie is definitely trouble (nice men just don’t look like that…) – and he certainly looks like he’s used to getting what he wants.Is Trixie on a date with this menacing man or has he just accosted her while she’s on her way to the pictures?

We can see what you’re doing there, Trixie. But just because you can’t see him, doesn’t mean he’s not still there…


Sharon Small has definitely left the glamorous world of BBC’s Mistresses behind hasn’t she…

It doesn’t help that the poor love is shrouded in taupe, but this expectant mum looks worn down and world weary. Maybe she’s found herself pregnant and alone in her khaki coloured house? Or perhaps years of wearing and living in a bland shade of beige has been enough to leave her permanently down in the dumps.


Maybe after Jenny’s triumph with Ruby’s baby last week the whip-cracking Sister Evangeline will cut her a bit of slack? Whether or not she’ll get it, Jenny certainly deserves a break, what with the love of her life getting someone else pregnant and skipping down the aisle just two episodes earlier.

Don’t hold your breath though. Sister Evangeline’s face is verging on kindly, but the mean-tongued midwife certainly champions the stick over the carrot when it comes to inspiring her troupes.

Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1