Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

11-15 February: The police step up their search for Tyrone in Corrie, while Bianca's probation officer pays her a visit in EastEnders


Coronation Street


One minute you’re an unassuming backstreet mechanic, the next you’re public enemy number one, your face known to ports and airport check-in staff. Tyrone, with Fiz and their respective babies in tow, has got as far as Wales, but funds are running low and the police are stepping up their search. With Kirsty agreeing to do a public appeal for Ruby, are Ty’s days as a fugitive numbered? And how far will Fiz go to protect the man she loves?


The one thing Bianca fears more than anything is being sent back to prison, so when her probation officer pays a visit, she tries to be on her best behaviour. Unfortunately, Liam chooses that day to play truant from school, while the nicked stock on the market stall also ends up causing more trouble than it’s worth. But Bianca isn’t the only person in jeopardy: Patrick’s tottering at the top of a ladder and the end result lands him in a plaster cast.



Has there ever been a man less in control of his own destiny than dozy David Metcalfe? Following his accidental engagement to Priya the other week, he now finds himself railroaded into picking Home Farm as a venue for the wedding ceremony. What’s worse is that Alicia has been employed to organise the whole shebang, a task she’s juggling with getting her divorce finalised. That’s the divorce from David, in case you were having trouble keeping up.