Monopoly casts aside the iron in favour of the cat

The worldwide vote allowed viewers to choose whether to save the dog, wheelbarrow, boot, battleship, hat, thimble, racing car or iron


For the past month the eight Monopoly tokens have been on trial – relying on your votes to secure their release from behind bars. Today seven of them have been set free to pay speeding fines, win crossword prizes and pass Go once again. But which unlucky piece has seen its final roll of the dice?


Well, it’s bad news for fans of the iron – the losing games token which today received the dreaded summons: “Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200”. Here’s the miserable piece receiving its marching orders:

Granted a last minute reprieve to Advance to Go and collect £200 once more were the wheelbarrow and the boot who were both deemed to be “in trouble” yesterday with just eight percent of the vote apiece. Their fan bases were dwarfed by the mighty dog who swept the vote with 29%.

But as we wave goodbye to one Monopoly piece, we welcome another in the form of the cat which was today revealed as the latest addition to the Monopoly set – beating out competition from the diamond ring, guitar, toy robot and helicopter:


Excited? Keep an eye out for the cat’s grand entrance into the 110-year-old Monopoly game before the end of the year.