Call the Midwife series two, episode four – preview pictures and predictions

We take a look at Sunday's episode of the BBC drama, and make some guesses about what happens next...


This Sunday’s episode of Call the Midwife saw Jenny drafted off to help at a short-staffed London hospital, leaving the midwives desperate for reinforcements… which soon arrived in the shape of timid Jane. 


At the hospital Jenny came under fire from a senior surgeon, but she forgot all about it when recent-flame Jimmy appeared with a life threatening condition. Meanwhile, shopping for some newfangled avocado pears, Cynthia bumped into two grumpy twins, one of which was pregnant. The twins, whose own mother had died in childbirth, were stubbornly refusing to accept modern medicine. That was until labour started… Drama ensued, but in the end two healthy girls were delivered.

For a while things looked dodgy for Jimmy too but he pulled through and, despite clearly telling Jenny he didn’t want to, did the honourable thing and stuck by pregnant fiancé Francine. 

But what’s going to happen next week? We’ve got our hands on some preview pictures and made some spurious suggestions… 


It seems it hasn’t taken Jenny long to get back in the saddle. After Jimmy walked down the aisle with Francine and left Jenny heartbroken we thought she’d be a little subdued – but she’s clearly enjoying some male attention here.

These dapper young chaps are somewhat brazenly ogling Jenny’s behind and she can barely contain her smirk…   Now Jimmy’s well and truly out of the picture, maybe our prim and proper midwife will finally be able to move on and find some real romance. 


Now, if this man wasn’t wearing a dog collar, we’d assume he was a negligent father who’d just frittered away his wages with a spot of gambling…

But it turns out he’s the Reverend Applebee-Thornton, another new face at Nonnatus House. The jolly religious fellow is apparently a friend of Chummy’s, but that’s not to say he doesn’t have a less than Christian pastime as well. Why else would he be sheepishly hanging around Double Six? Is that a wad of notes we can see clasped close to his chest? 


What did we learn about Nonnatus House’s other new arrival last week? Well, she doesn’t seem to like shouting or things being thrown at her (let’s face it, there are few who do), and she seemed more at home knitting mice with Sister Monica Joan than helping out with any medical emergencies… 

Our guess is that she’s definitely hiding a sad secret. But it looks like our new priest is trying to make friends with the mousey orderly. Perhaps to pry out some truth about her peppered past? Could there be friendship, or perhaps even romance, on the horizon? 


Someone looks a bit fly with their fancy sunglassses on don’t they? Jazzing up her nun’s habit with those snazzy sunnies seem to have reminded Sister Evangelina of her youth. Forget her religious get up and the push bike, this moody miss would look more at home atop an edgy motorbike. Here she is racing past Jenny without even a glance in her direction.

Talking of Jenny, what’s she doing with a pram? It’s her job to deliver the newborns not babysit them afterwards… 


A more grave-faced nun here. You won’t find serious Sister Julienne sporting sunglasses…

We’re sure the motherly midwife is poised to present one of the younger girls with some words of wisdom. Could her reserved expression be a reaction to Jane’s trembling and troubled demeanor? Perhaps Trixie needs a stern word (although the bubbly blonde has been disappointingly well behaved so far this series)… 

Maybe we can spy a hint of disapproval in those kindly eyes? Perhaps Sister Bernadette’s secret feelings for dashing Dr Turner have burst out of the woodwork. You couldn’t deny the chemistry last week when the pair shared a sneaky puff on a cigarette… 


Fred’s been a bit on a periphery of late and some could say it’s about time he got back in the spot light.

Perhaps, after his successful stint as a personal trainer for Chummy’s hubby, he’s peddling his wares as east London’s newest fitness guru? A spot of post-baby weight loss could be the perfect sideline for the midwifery unit… Though this new mum looks far from convinced. 


Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1