Coronation Street: Jennie McAlpine on Tyrone's plan to flee - "It's a bad idea. He will get caught"

The actress reveals how Fiz will find life as a fugitive from the law: "She’s under no illusion that they can get away with it"

Coronation Street: Jennie McAlpine on Tyrone's plan to flee - "It's a bad idea. He will get caught"
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Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and Fiz hiding out in Wales, having fled Weatherfield with Hope and Ruby in tow. But with the police stepping up their search and Kirsty (Natalie Gumede) agreeing to do a public appeal, Fiz soon starts to fret about the futility of their plan. Here, actress Jennie McAlpine talks about Fiz’s worries for Tyrone and what she’d do should the man she loves be sent to prison:

How does Fiz feel about the way Kirsty has framed Tyrone?
Fiz loves Tyrone. He’s her soulmate. And she’s not surprised that Kirsty has done this as she knows she’s capable of anything. But even so, it is unbelievable and she’s stunned at how good Kirsty is at lying. Kirsty has almost started to believe the lies herself, that’s how good she is. And the fact that she has got other people on her side shows how good she is. Even people who’ve known Tyrone for so long have been taken in hook, line and sinker. 

What does Fiz think about Ty’s plan to snatch Ruby and do a runner?
Fiz thinks the plan is a bad idea from the start and she does say that. Tyrone knows it is wrong too and he’s secretive about the details with her. It is a bad idea - he will get caught. He might have Ruby for a short time but there is no way this is a long-term plan. But he’s determined and because Fiz loves him she agrees to go along with it.

How does Fiz feel about leaving everyone behind and going on the run?
Fiz is a very sensible person with her own child, so she feels terrible deceiving her family. So she does it quickly, like pulling a plaster off. She just goes home packs and says they have to do it that night. She tells Chesney she’s just moving into Tina’s flat with Tyrone. But she’s under no illusion that they can get away with it – yet she trusts Tyrone and would go anywhere with him.

As a mother herself, does Fiz feel it’s right to take Ruby away from Kirsty?
Yes, she has no qualms about that. She’s a good mum herself, she adores Hope and - let’s face it - she knows all about crap mums with Cilla as a parent! So she knows that Kirsty is not a good mum - Fiz realises that just because you give birth to a baby doesn’t automatically mean you are going to be a good mum.

Could you describe the sequence of events for us?
Well, they head for the ferry terminal, but you will have to wait and see how they get on - it doesn’t go to plan from the outset. Chesney learns that they’ve gone missing as it is all over the press. Fiz phones him and he shouts like a parent does at a kid that’s gone missing, but he is partly pleased to have heard from her. I love their relationship - even though she’s done what she’s done, she rings him and knows that he’s her little brother and that he’ll help her if he can.

When the police catch up with them, Tyrone says that Fiz had nothing to with the abduction. How does she feel about that?
She feels sad because she did agree to go along with it, Tyrone was going to do it anyway, but she could have said no. So, really, she is responsible too. But that is Tyrone through and through - he is selfless.

What’s her biggest fear about what could happen to Tyrone?
She’s really worried and, when she is back in the street, she uses every opportunity to tell all of Kirsty’s mates and supporters the truth - that Tyrone is the good guy. But running off didn’t do them any favours and made him look guilty. It’s just played into Kirsty’s hands - she is really calm and measured and Fiz is anything but. Every time someone sees them, Fiz is the one screaming and shouting.

If Tyrone is sent to prison, will Fiz stand by him and wait for him to come home?
She spends a lot of time prison visiting doesn’t she, poor Fiz! At least she doesn’t have the wear the yellow bib this time. But yes, she will stand by him. She knows that he hasn’t done anything wrong and it ‘s one of those great stories where the viewer also knows he is innocent. People love being in on a secret. Maybe there will be a free Tyrone campaign!