Arrested Development’s Jeffrey Tambor to star in online show for The Onion

Former Larry Sanders sidekick will play an insecure news anchor in behind-the-scenes comedy


Jeffrey Tambor, star of Arrested Development and a comedy legend for his work on The Larry Sanders Show, is to play the lead in a new online series bearing the stamp of satirical website The Onion.


The Onion Presents: the News goes behind the scenes of another Onion TV show, Onion News Network, to follow the fictional station’s oldest and most respected anchor David Everett (Tambor).

The new project is one of six announced by the newly formed Amazon Studios. Also signed up to appear in shows by the online retailer turned broadcaster are John Goodman and Bebe Neuwirth. Amazon is expected to broadcast the pilots on its own website.

Tambor played Hank Kingsley in The Larry Sanders Show and identical  twins George and Oscar Bluth in Arrested Development.


Arrested Development was cancelled by Fox in 2006 but will be revived, with the original cast including Tambor, on Netflix this May.