Lewis star Kevin Whately: “We’d really quite like to finish it”

"It might be time that we stopped," the actor adds, as he discusses the possibility that he and Laurence Fox are calling time on the hit ITV drama


Crime drama Lewis is still proving to be a ratings hit for ITV with over five million viewers watching each Monday evening, but star Kevin Whately has given a strong hint that this may be its last series. 


Speaking at the Radio Times covers’ party, the actor said: “I’m having a year off whatever happens. I’m not making any this year and Laurence [Fox] isn’t either. So there’s a slight possibility we might do a couple next year. But we’d really quite like to finish it.” 

When asked about the resolution to theses latest episodes, Whately added: “It’s rounded off, but it’s very difficult to let go of something as successful as that. But it’s probably about time.” 

Lewis began life in 2006 as a spin-off pilot of Inspector Morse, but has subsequently filmed seven series. On the topic of its continuing popularity, Whately said: “It’s a huge success and I’m hugely grateful for it. I have nothing but good memories. I love the character and the show, but it might be time that we stopped.” 


The full video interview can be seen below: