1 in 4 Brits spend a quarter of their day watching TV

...so it's no surprise our viewing habits say a lot about our personalities


One in four Brits spend at least a quarter of their day in front of the TV, according to a new study.


While the survey – carried out by YouView with the help of behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings – confirms we are a nation of sofa-loving square-eyes, it also revealed some interesting insights into the way we watch TV…. and Hemmings reckons our viewing habits have something to say about our personalities too.

Does saving up episodes so you can watch them all in one go sound familiar? According to this study, a quarter of us prefer to indulge in back-to-back episodes of our favourite programmes. That 25% are “likely to be self-indulgent, fastidious pre-planners in real life, who like to have their calendars arranged months in advance and dislike doing things on the spur of the moment.”

Perhaps, like 14% of Brits who shun catch-up TV in favour of real-time scheduling, you’re more of a live action kind of viewer? Then, according to Hemmings, you’re likely to suffer from “fear of missing out”. These telly-watchers “never let any of the action pass them by, and like to be up-to-date on the latest news and gossip, as it happens”.

Or maybe you’re part of the 25% of Brits (us included) who “double screen”: that’s using social media while watching television. Those who actively tweet or update our Facebook profiles while we are watching TV are “keen multi-taskers and very likely to care about other people’s opinion”, says Hemmings.

Then there’s the “pragmatic… organised, tidy and clutter-free” 70% of us who delete recorded programmes as soon as we’ve watched them and the “spontaneous” yet demanding 15% who watch over five hours of on-demand TV each week.


What sort of TV watcher do you think you are?