Michael Mosley: I drank four pints of laxative before dinner with the director general of the BBC

"Everything exploded... it was a very bad moment," the science presenter tells Sarah Millican


Presenter Michael Mosley will do pretty much anything in the name of science. Back in July he spent the day as an exhibit at London’s Science Museum as part of his BBC4 show Guts: The Strange and Mysterious World of the Human Stomach.


As part of the experiment, Mosley drank four pints of laxative before having a tiny camera inserted down his throat and into his digestive system. 

Quite predictably, there were negative side-effects but it was the timing in particular that proved an issue.

“It was very unfortunate because that evening I was going to dinner with the director general of the BBC and everything exploded,” reveals Mosley on tonight’s edition of The Sarah Millican Television Porgramme.

Thankfully he leaves the details to viewers’ imaginations: “It was a very, very bad moment.  My advice is, don’t go out for dinner and whatever you do, don’t take the train!”

Mosley has recently become known as a weight-loss guru, famous for his Fast Diet, but we’re guessing the laxative diet is not one he’ll be promoting any time soon…


The Sarah Millican Television Programme is tonight at 10pm on BBC2