Diet Coke “hunk” ad is heading back to TV

It's time for another 11:30 break as the iconic soft drink commercial is revived after six years - now featuring a British male model


It’s been six years since his last 11:30 appointment but the Diet Coke “hunk” is making a return to TV in 2013.


The iconic soft drink ad, which was last seen in 2007, is being revived this year to celebrate Diet Coke’s 30th anniversary in Europe.

But while the commercial’s format hasn’t undergone any radical changes – it once again features a gaggle of female office workers ogling a shirtless man while Etta James’s ‘I Just Want to Make Love to You’ plays in the background – this time around the “hunk” is a gardener.

He’ll also be portrayed in the new ad by British model Andrew Cooper, the fourth man to play the role, following Dan Scott, Lucky Vanous and Paul Johansson who appeared in previous Diet Coke ads as construction workers, lift technicians, window cleaners and delivery men.

Talking about the ad on Twitter, Cooper revealed that it had been filmed at the beginning of December and was “shot by the amazing Rocky Morton,” the British director behind 1993’s Super Mario Bros. movie.

So how does Cooper compare to previous Diet Coke hunks?  You can watch both the new and old ads below and make up your own mind.

Here’s the new one:


And here are the rest: