Coronation Street spoilers: Alan Halsall – The only solution Tyrone can see is to take Ruby and run

"He’s in such a desperate state and the only way out he can see is this," says the actor

Coronation Street spoilers: Alan Halsall – The only solution Tyrone can see is to take Ruby and run
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With Kirsty (Natalie Gumede) holding all the cards and the neighbours believing her lies, it seems that the net is closing in around poor Tyrone (Alan Halsall). With his options narrowing, viewers will next week see him turn to Kevin (Michael Le Vell) for help. Ty’s plan is to abduct Ruby and flee the Street – but can the scheme possibly work? Actor Alan Halsall reveals what’s in store.

So, what’s going through Tyrone’s head right now? Did he expect Kirsty to turn the tables in the way she has? 
He’s desperate for this to be over and to be able to live his life with Fiz. But more importantly, he is desperate to get hold of Ruby and everywhere he turns it is just a dead end right now. He’s not one of these people who thinks two or three steps ahead, so never saw this coming from Kirsty. He always sees the good in people.

And who is going to be supporting his side of the story rather than Kirsty’s?
Of course, he has got Fiz, Tina and Tommy because they’ve known for some time. Somewhere down the line we’ll find out that he has Kev on his side, but apart from that not many people know what went on in the past because he kept it such a secret. He was embarrassed about what was happening, so he didn’t want people to know. But of course now that’s been his downfall. So he doesn’t have many people on his side right now.

Plus there are people like Sally – who he’s known for years – believing that he’s a wife-beater?
Sally is the one that really hurts him because he’s known her for 15 years and they did share that moment once! So that’s the one person that makes it hit home: if Sally believes it, what chance has he got of a jury believing him? That’s quite a big moment for him.

Does Tyrone find it frustrating that he can’t convince people of the truth?
It’s really frustrating for him. He kept it a secret and that is the tragedy of this situation. This kind of thing happens and children do get caught in the middle – that’s what Kirsty is doing, she’s using Ruby for her benefit and it is so frustrating for Tyrone. He just wants to see his daughter and can’t see why he isn’t allowed to. The evil and cruelty of what she’s doing is more damaging to him than the physical beatings. Tyrone says that to Fiz he says he would rather Kirsty was hitting him than doing this. He says he could cope with the beatings because they were happening to him, but to not know what’s happening with his daughter is tearing him up inside.

Is there a sense of regret that he didn’t report Kirsty to the authorities so there was a record of his injuries?
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but he isn’t someone who would ever have seen this coming. When he went to the hospital he lied and said it was an accident and that is on record. So he hasn’t thought this through. He is in a bit of a pickle to say the least. The one thing that terrifies him is that Kirsty will manipulate the situation so he never sees his daughter again. He’s lost a child once so he doesn’t want to go through that again.

Tyrone’s solicitor suggests he should plead guilty to the charges. How does Tyrone react to that?
Tyrone doesn’t see that coming. He’s so desperate, he says to his solicitor, “I will do whatever it takes to see Ruby”, but when the solicitor says that the one way he could see her would be to plead guilty, Tyrone is gobsmacked. It would never have entered his head to confess to something he didn’t do. He has a real sense of right and wrong thanks to the morals instilled in him by Jack and Vera. So to own up to something he hasn’t done would eat him up. But then he does start to see the logic in it begins to consider it.

And then we have Kirsty suggesting Tyrone should move back in and that they wipe the slate clean…
Yes, he goes round to try and make her see sense and let him see his daughter. So for her to suggest that he move back in and be one big happy family is a real surprise. For this happy family unit idea to be handed back to him on a plate and to be able to see Ruby is just a real bolt out of the blue and he doesn’t know what to do. He definitely doesn’t want to go back, but the driving force behind everything for Tyrone is Ruby.

Can you reveal what happens when Tyrone finds out that Sophie is babysittng Ruby? He appeals to Kevin for help, doesn’t he?
Tyrone and Kevin haven’t had a lot to do with each other recently, but they have got their relationship back to a certain extent, so he knows he could call on him as a mate if needs be. So when he finds out that Sophie and Sal have got access to Ruby he sees that as his way in. All he wants to do at this point is see Ruby and hold her.

Yet pretty soon this has morphed into a plan to snatch Ruby and and flee the Street. What does Fiz make of that scheme?
Fiz is appalled. She wouldn’t see this coming from Tyrone and I don’t think he would see it in himself, but it is just sheer desperation. This is not about Kirsty and Tyrone - it is purely about Ruby. He’s in such a desperate state and the only way out he can see is this. Every other avenue is a dead end and the only solution he can see is to take Ruby and run.

Doesn’t Tyrone realise the police will immediately put out a warrant for his arrest and he could lose all hope of ever seeing Ruby again?
Obviously kidnapping your own child is the one thing that would ensure you never saw them again. But he’s not thinking ahead. He’s living for right now and he just wants Ruby in his arms. It’s the only solution he can see.

Does Tyrone really believe snatching Ruby from her mother is the right thing to do?
This isn’t just a selfish act of him wanting Ruby. He’s actually scared for Ruby - the worry is that he has no idea what is going on. Kirsty has never touched Ruby, but he has always been there to take the blows and deal with Kirsty’s anger so the not knowing is what is driving him mad.