Charlize Theron’s Hatfields & McCoys pilot ordered by NBC

The 37-year-old South African is executive producing a modern-day take on the Civil War-era family feud


Charlize Theron has had a pilot for Hatfields & McCoys, a modern-day take on the notorious US Civil War-era family feud, ordered by NBC.


The 37-year-old South African actress is executive producing the drama, which has been created by Eagle Eye screenwriter John Glenn.

Despite the identical title, Theron and Glenn’s Hatfields & McCoys is not related to the 2012 History mini-series, which starred Kevin Costner and took place in the 19th century.

Instead, the new drama takes place in the present day Pittsburgh, where an unexpected death re-ignites the decades-old feud between the wealthy, powerful Hatfields and blue-collar McCoys.

As well as Theron, the Hatfields & McCoys pilot will be executive produced by Hollywood mainstays Dawn Parouse Olmstead and Beau Flynn.

Astonishingly, this isn’t the only new project in the works at the moment called Hatfields & McCoys. History is currently developing a reality series featuring the descendents of the two families under that title too, according to Deadline.

NBC began working with Theron and Glen on the new project a week after History’s Hatfields & McCoys broke cable TV records in the States last June, averaging 13.8m viewers over three nights.


If you’d like to learn more about the historical Hatfield & McCoy feud, watch Kevin Costner explaining it in this video.