Channel 4 to tell “the story of Britain” through the window of a fried chicken shop

A new Cutting Edge documentary claims to examine our "cultural and economic urban landscape" via the comings and goings at one south London establishment


From Chicken Cottage to the cunningly-named AFC (American Fried Chicken), independent fried chicken outlets are an increasing feature of high streets up and down the UK, and a place for meeting as well as eating.


Channel 4 aims to examine the phenomenon in a one-off Cutting Edge documentary aptly titled The Fried Chicken Shop.

The film uses footage captured by fixed miniature cameras set up in the window of one south London establishment and will “look at the space fried chicken occupies in the cultural and economic urban landscape of modern Britain.” Mmmm… highbrow…

Commissioning editor Emma Cooper says the programme “will explore the scale of the nation’s obsession and increasing love of fried chicken” but also expects it to tell viewers something deeper about the country they live in.

“The Fried Chicken Shop has produced a surprising, yet exciting and genuinely illuminating, film and tells us the story of Britain today through our voracious appetite for chicken wings,” reckons Cooper.


The documentary is due to air in February. In the meantime, Channel 4 and production company Mentorn Media have been promoting it with amusing chicken-related viral videos like Red Hot’s Junior Spesh, below.