Call the Midwife series two, episode three – preview pictures and predictions

We take a look at Sunday's episode of Call the Midwife, and make some guesses about what happens next...


This Sunday’s episode of Call the Midwife started off on a dark note when a baby Cythnia had delivered died hours later in mysterious circumstances… Soon the police were involved and, while the midwives waited for an autopsy, Cynthia’s abilities were questioned.


Meanwhile Chummy headed off for Africa, via a stint in Manchester and a comedic attempt by PC Noakes to get into shape and pass his physical. And Jenny bumped into old flame Jimmy. Romance appeared to be on the cards for the love-struck pair but everything fell apart when it transpired that one of Jenny’s patients was pregnant with Jimmy’s baby…

But what will happen next week?

We’ve got our hands on some preview pictures and made a few spurious suggestions:


Jenny looks a bit down in the dumps. But that’s hardly surprising considering what happened last week… How would you feel if the man who professed his love for you just episodes earlier had moved on to pastures new, and those pastures happened to be a pregnant woman in your care?

To top it all, she’s been sent to help out at a short-staffed hospital. And the puffy purple shoulders on this nurse’s getup are just adding insult to injury. As if poor Jenny wasn’t upset enough already… 


While Jenny’s all glum, Jimmy is looking rather chipper (and rather charming if we may say so). Maybe he is embracing family life with the unexpected little one on the way?

But this doesn’t look like the face of a man concerned with impending fatherhood… Has he forgotten the pregnant fiance he’s left at home? Perhaps (and it would work out rather well for Jenny) Jimmy isn’t actually the father of chirpy Francine’s baby. After all, sex education wasn’t really up to scratch in those days… 


What’s going on here? Jenny has certainly brightened up – she seems to have forgotten all about those voluminous sleeves – but why is Jimmy laying around in a hospital bed?

Pretending to be ill to get Jenny’s attention, perhaps? A grown-up game of Doctors and Nurses – must be his idea of heaven… 


Something’s keeping Trixie awake at night, and she doesn’t look best pleased about it. 

Maybe Cynthia’s having another crisis of faith after the sad events of episode two? Perhaps Jenny needs comforting after finding out about Jimmy’s love child? Or has decided to pursue Jimmy in spite of Francine’s growing bump? (We’re not saying it’s right, but Jenny doesn’t ever seem to get what she wants…) 

Or it could be that the new arrival has ruffled her feathers…


New arrival we hear you ask? Well, with Chummy off galavanting around Africa and Jenny otherwise engaged at a local hospital, the nuns of Nonnatus House are in desperate need of reinforcements.

Enter Jane. She looks a little nervy… And we don’t like to speculate without any proof (that’s a lie, we love it) but she looks like a woman harbouring a secret. Perhaps a troubling past that she’s hoping to escape from within the comforting walls of the convent? We all know dark secrets catch up with you in the end though, so watch this space. 


This woman (presumably with child?) looks less than friendly. Perhaps a traditionalist scared of the newfangled maternity centre and its gas and air? Or scared of having a baby all together? Aside from some very resistant body language, we don’t have much more to say about this expectant mum.

Although, we could be completely wrong about her. Perhaps she’s actually a lavender seller who’s accidentally stumbled into the baby clinic… She’s certainly got the headscarf for it. 


Call the Midwife continues on Sundays at 8:00pm on BBC1