Call the Midwife series two, episode two - preview pictures and predictions

We take a look at Sunday's episode and make some guesses about what happens next...

Call the Midwife series two, episode two - preview pictures and predictions
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Ellie Walker-Arnott

Last Sunday saw the return of Britain's favourite midwives. While Jenny celebrated her birthday and Chummy settled down to married life, Trixie got in trouble for always being late and Sister Bernadette got some jazzy new specs. 

A girl gave birth on board a cargo ship and Jenny helped a woman who was being abused at the hands of her husband - while gas and air was introduced to the areas' expectant mothers and Chummy started thinking about her dream of going to help pregnant women in Africa... 

But what's going to happen this week? We've got our hands on some images of the action and made some spurious suggestions... 

Call the Midwife series two episode two

Looks as though a contemplative Chummy is still set on leaving the east end and heading off to Africa. The convent chapel might give her a place to think, but it won't provide her with a firm answer... 

What will her new husband think of the idea? There'll be no sponge puddings while she's off on another continent. Can their new relationship withstand months apart? 

 Call the Midwife series two episode two

Gosh, isn't everyone looking rather glum this week? Perhaps Cynthia's bored of taking people's blood pressure - or just in need of a bit of alone time. Nonnatus House isn't the place to be if you want to keep yourself to yourself. 

But from the look of the episode two trailer, Cynthia does have a real reason to be slacking off from the job - when something goes wrong at a birth the police get involved and Cynthia is called in for questioning... 

Call the Midwife series two episode two

What are these two conspiring about outside the blanket cupboard? Maybe they are plotting a way to get back into the convent after hours without Sister Evangelina finding out? 

Trixie looks as excitable as ever but Jenny's got a glimmer in her eye too...

Call the Midwife series two episode two

... maybe love is finally on the cards for the midwife? (It's about time...) Did anyone else spy Jimmy in the episode two trailer?

Though romance is never simple in TV land and Jenny looks as though trouble might already be on the horizon. Either that or she's dreaming of getting her health visitors certificate...

Call the Midwife series two episode two

This could be Chummy's send off... but everyone looks a bit too happy if you ask us. Shouldn't they look a little bit sad? Jenny is positively ecstatic while some of those boy scouts look beyond bored - and Sister Monica Joan seems to have give up waving in favour of some kind of questionable hand gesture. 

There's no sign of PC Noakes though. Perhaps he can't bear to watch her leave... 

Call the Midwife continues on Sundays at 8:00pm on BBC1

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