The REAL Toy Story – video

Watch a shot-for-shot "live action" remake of Pixar's 1995 computer animated classic made by a super fan


Want to see the whole of Toy Story made with real toys? Of course you do… and now you can…


The 1995 movie was a landmark for big-screen computer animation and saw its producers Pixar showered with nominations and awards from Bafta, the Oscars, infinity, and beyond!

The film inspired two movie sequels and a blockbuster video game – but what you probably didn’t know is that the story also inspired a live-action remake. That’s right, super fan jonasonsMovies has gone to the trouble of filming shot-for-shot recreation of the entire movie using real-life toys, actors and locations.

It’s all there – even the film’s breathtaking finale, which (spoiler alert) features Buzz Lightyear strapped to a remote control car while trying outrun a dog, is lovingly recreated in the live action movie.


Sadly there’s no category at the Oscars for fan-made recreations, but if there were, this film could easily add to Toy Story’s trophy cabinet.  Enjoy!