Coronation Street spoilers: Natalie Gumede – “If Kirsty can’t have Tyrone then nobody can”

The actress at the centre of the domestic abuse storyline reveals what happens when her character turns the tables on Ty


Natalie Gumede has been talking about the shock development in an upcoming episode that sees Kirsty accusing Tyrone (Alan Halsall) of domestic violence: 


“I think something has really died inside of Kirsty,” the actress said at a screening in London of next Monday’s two wedding day episodes. “Tyrone was the love of her life and that’s the one piece of happiness she thought she had. And I think throughout their relationship, despite all of her mistakes, he has at least appeared to forgive her. So I think she thought she had a new start and her world has fallen apart.” 

Gumede was referencing a scene in which Kirsty, who has for months subjected Tyrone to physical abuse, finds out that her partner has been having a secret affair with Fiz (Jennie McAlpine). It’s a discovery that leads to Kirsty turning the tables in dramatic fashion: 

“She had a very unhappy childhood and a lot of unhappy relationships,” Gumede continued. “And just when she thought everything was going to go right, it all goes wrong. She’s so in love with Tyrone and she hates him for what he’s done. If she can’t have him then nobody can. It’s that thing of trying to still get their attention. While she’s doing this to him, she still has a hold over him. She’s not willing just to walk away and let him be happy. No way.” 

When asked why the character had failed to take any responsibility for her actions, the actress replied that Kirsty was now on a “downward spiral” after failing to learn from her mistakes. Yet she was still unsure about whether Kirsty could be classified as an out-and-out villain: 

“I’ve never really considered her as a villain. I’ve always considered her as somebody who’s just really troubled and damaged. But I can see that she’s crawling into villain territory. Well, charging into villain territory! It’s lovely to be thought of in the same bracket as some of the great villains that Corrie have had. 


“To be given such a platform and to be given such a role where she’s so dark – I’ve really had something to get my teeth into. It’s been such a juicy role for me and I never dreamed of having a platform like this. I never dreamed of coming into Coronation Street and being part of a lead storyline in such a short amount of time. I just feel really lucky to be considered as such, really.”