Coronation Street spoilers: will Kylie Platt keep her baby?

"She’ll do whatever it takes to fight for her marriage," says actress Paula Lane

Coronation Street spoilers: will Kylie Platt keep her baby?
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In the coming days, viewers will see Kylie Platt discover that she’s pregnant, but is the father David or Nick? Knowing that the baby she’s carrying might not be her husband’s, Kylie confides in Eva that she plans to have an abortion. However, with Eva not best known for keeping her trap shut, it isn’t long before this news reaches David. A desperate David then races to the abortion clinic to confront Kylie, oblivious to the possibility that the baby could belong to his own brother. Actress Paula Lane, who plays Kylie, reveals how her character reacts when faced with this impossible dilemma:

How is Kylie feeling as she secretly books an abortion?
At this moment in time I think her marriage means more to her than the pregnancy, so she’s just trying her best to pave over the cracks and prioritise. Her marriage and Max have to come first - they have a family unit now, so she thinks an abortion is the best solution at this time.

How does David discover that she’s pregnant?
David finds the positive pregnancy test and he’s just ecstatic. He can’t believe it and practically tells everybody in the street even before asking Kylie about whether it’s true. He’s like a child in a sweet shop.

And how does Kylie react when David catches up with her at the clinic and begs her not to abort the baby?
She asks how he found her and he tells her that it was Eva. Kylie’s had this really emotional scene with Eva where she reveals she’s decided to have an abortion. Eva thinks she’s making a mistake and the only way to stop Kylie is by telling David. Kylie’s horrified - he shouldn’t be there and it totally throws her and highlights just how much she’s hurt David. Kylie feels horrendous; this problem has now escalated again and she’s very torn.

What excuses does she give him for why she is doing this? And does David believe her?
She claims it’s about her being left on her own with two kids if it all goes wrong. She’s desperate and she’s such a convincing liar that even I believed her. She’s saying anything she can think of to save her marriage. She’s fighting for her survival and she gives him every excuse under the sun as to why they shouldn’t have this baby. But he counters everything she comes out with and insists they can make it work. So she’s really torn. 

Would Kylie be able to go through with having the baby and keep the fact that it might not be David’s a secret?
I think that is something that has crossed Kylie’s mind. It seems like the easiest option and maybe it would cause the least pain, so long as she and Nick kept quiet and agreed to this a binding secret.

What are Kylie’s chances of saving her marriage after this?
I think there’s a good chance, so long as David doesn’t find out that she’s been unfaithful! Maybe Kylie will try to delete it from her memory. David has been Kylie’s pillar, the maker of her really, and she’s scared of losing that. So she’ll do whatever it takes to fight for her marriage.

How do you think David would react if he ever found out that Kylie slept with his brother?
I think we’d see the famous evil David Platt come back. He’d be like Hellraiser, I think it would push him over the edge.