Celebrity Big Brother 2013: the Twitter reaction

From Rylan's pout and Lacey Banghard's surname to Paula Hamilton's glazed expression and the arrival of Speidi, here's what Ellie Walker-Arnott (and the Tweeps) thought of last night's CBB launch

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: the Twitter reaction
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Out of the twelve celebrities who bravely entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, six were in for a bit of a shock…

This year the CBB contestants were split between a luxury house and a dingy basement with no beds, food or running water. Half the housemates were allowed through Big Brother’s iconic sliding doors, while the others were sent down to the depths of the cellar.

And the men graced with the making the decision? Our first two housemates: recently-disgraced horse racer Frankie Dettori and controversial X-Factor contestant Rylan.

While the brash Essex performer is already being tipped as the winner... (If Dane Bowers says so, it must be true...) 

Frankie Dettori's video intro mainly consisted of a public apology for his recent drug-taking scandal. Although it didn’t go unnoticed that in almost every VT the celebs found themselves admitting to their past indiscretions:

It's hardly surprising that most this year's bunch of willing participants are recovering from a dip in fortune, but it did give the impression Big Brother was masquerading as a kind of televised rehab. 

Rylan CBB

Soon enough Frankie and a pouty Rylan got to work as Big Brother's decision makers. And as a reluctant CBB viewer I was surprised (and a little concerned) by how easily I got into the whole house vs basement shabang, but it seems I wasn't the only one...

Columnist Grace Dent was quick to start passing judgement on CBB’s latest victims… 

While comedian Jack Whitehall wondered whether the whole upstairs downstairs thing was so appealing because it reminded us of another of our favourite (but slightly more classy) guilty pleasures? 

First up was ex-supermodel Paula Hamilton (who admitted herself that she's probably better known for starring in a Volkswagon Golf advert). 

Paula Hamilton

From her glazed expression to peculiar choice of outfit, Paula Hamilton looks set to be this season's crazy. But while for some viewers her confused demeanour came as a bit of a surprise, others were prepared for her to be more than a little eccentric:

She talks to the coconut, in case you were wondering...

Next up was Heartbeat star Tricia Penrose who, after appearing refreshingly normal on her video, was propelled up the BB stairs while Paula headed to the basement. 

Much to the delight of Neighbours fans, a very svelte Ryan Moloney (better known as Toadie) appeared next, quickly followed by Gillian Taylforth (better known as Kathy Beale.)

Channel 5 went for a double whammy next. Two young, attractive (and virtually unknown) celebrities: Sam Robertson and the wonderfully named Lacey Banghard. No prizes for guessing which duo are tipped for this year's BB romance... 

As someone with very little knowledge of Page 3 stars, I was a bit disappointed by Lacey Banghard's sweet and girlish demeanour. I was expecting more from someone with a surname like that... and it's fair to say her unusual name didn't go unnoticed in the Twittersphere either: 

Even TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh couldn't quite get her head around it.  

Meanwhile ex-Corrie star Sam Robertson pranced around in front of the paparazzi before being punished for it when Rylan and Frankie were asked to send the celebrity they thought fancied themselves most down into the basement... 

Next up, it was the lovely Claire from Steps, whose appearance sparked the obligatory weight comments, as well as some pretty scathing tweets about her strange choice of hand-wear...

But for Rylan at least there would be no bad mouthing her. Next contestant Neil "Razor" Ruddock was sent straight to the basement because "Sorry, but that's Claire from Steps." 

And finally, Channel 5 introduced their star housemates. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Otherwise known as Speidi from the original constructed reality TV show The Hills. 

While some Tweeters were confused by the crowd's negative reaction...

Others were confused by who CBB’s star contestants even were. But that might have something to do with Heidi’s extensive plastic surgery...

Either way we were disappointed that Channel 5 chickened out of splitting the married couple up. After all, Luke Marsden does have a point...

From the crazed look on Spencer's face, his reality TV competition history and the fact that he was dressed as if for battle, our guess is that it's only a matter of time before he flips... 

Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt

So while the jury is still out on this year’s contestants, some tweeters hailed CBB13 as the best line-up so far.

Others, though, were less than impressed with this year's gaggle of celebs: 

And author Jojo Moyes took inspiration from Graham Norton, proposing what would be a hilarious addition to next year's CBB. 

Are you taking notes Channel 5?