EastEnders: Max Branning to share a passionate kiss with wife Kirsty

Friday's double bill sees the pair locked in an embrace on the day of Derek's funeral


Ever since her shock arrival on Christmas Day, Kirsty Branning (Kierston Wareing) has been causing ructions in Max’s (Jake Wood) relationship with Tanya (Jo Joyner). 


And this Friday, on the day of Derek’s funeral, events are set to take a steamy turn when Max shares a kiss with the wife he thought was out of his life forever. 

“Can I at least pay for your train fare?” Max asks after meeting up with Kirsty in the alleyway between the Vic and the Minute Mart on Bridge Street. He wants her gone for good, but Kirsty is not exactly pleased by his sentiments: “I hate you!” she yells. 


Yet after lashing out, the pair are soon locked in a passionate embrace. But will Tanya catch them in the act after making an attempt to track Max down? Find out in a double bill of EastEnders tomorrow at 8pm and 9pm on BBC1.