Coronation Street spoilers: Ben Price talks Nick and Kylie's secret - "It will slowly kill him"

In the wake of his Christmas one-night stand, just what does the future hold for the Bistro boss?

Coronation Street spoilers: Ben Price talks Nick and Kylie's secret - "It will slowly kill him"
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So Ben, what was it that made Nick and Kylie sleep together?

What you saw was two people who thought their relationships had come to the end of the line. She’s had an absolute nightmare with David and thinks her marriage is dead in the water. Plus, at that stage, Nick’s blown his relationship with Leanne. And Nick and Kylie have always had a bit of a connection - he had a bit of thing with Becky, he likes Kylie, and she’s got everything that Nick looks for in a woman. He also sees a bit of the old Leanne in her - that Battersby fire but with less baggage. That Peter Barlow baggage really gets to Nick. He can’t stand Peter.

What is the state of Nick and Leanne’s relationship: is it all over between them or will they try to work things through?

Prior to sleeping with Kylie, he was angry and elt completely betrayed by Leanne. The fact that she went and saw Peter, that she didn’t tell him, that she turned up late, plus the way Eva had to tell him in front of everyone at the wedding. That is what is so clever about having him sleeping with Kylie - if that had happened previously, there wouldn’t have been a future for Nick and Leanne. But once it balances up and he realises he’s made a big mistake too, then that changes things and, in a kind of blurred logic, he starts to build a bridge with Leanne. He’s both angry with her and guilty over what he did.

And how does Nick feel when Leanne re-books the wedding?

Everything in the garden should be rosy. Inwardly, he’s thinking, ‘I’ll get married and it will all be fine. She went off with Peter, I went off with Kylie – it’s not great but once we’re married, it’ll be OK and surely no one will found out’. After all, Kylie has as much to lose as Nick.

A part of him would like to push Leanne aside and move on, though. If it hadn’t been for the situation with Kylie, that’s what he would have done. They tried again but again it didn’t work out, so someone is trying to tell them something.

But does Nick still love Leanne?

He does, but it has been tarnished again by her doubts and feelings for Peter.

All of which leads to another punch-up between Nick and Peter. Tell us about this latest fracas…

It all happens when Nick pays a visit to the bookies. Peter knows Leanne has asked Nick to marry him, so he just winds Nick up. Normally Nick’s quite good at ignoring it, but he can’t this time and he just smacks him! They have a massive fight with Kevin and David getting involved.

And what happens when he gets back to the Bistro?

He loses the plot completely and he smashes the bar up. He’s normally quite measured, but what I wanted to do was show that there is a point where his head goes. Everyone has a point, no matter how measured and calm they usually are. He’s sick of Peter, sick of Leanne, sick of his family and he has slept with his sister-in-law!

We then see Leanne thinking about leaving Weatherfield. But if she and Nick were to stay in Street, do you think they could ever be happy as a couple while Peter’s around to stir things up?

Well, there is a shock development to come which puts a bomb under everything. It will change things forever for the entire family. It’s one of the most destructive things you can have happen to a family.  

What advice would you give to Nick if he was your mate?

If I knew all that had been going on, I would say, “Don’t go digging any more holes. Leave!” But I don’t want to talk myself out of a job! I would advise him not to think that it can stay hidden on a street like this.

And what does the future hold for Nick and Leanne in 2013?

I think it will look like a perfect picture, but it’s actually cracked and black. For once, it’s Nick with the secret and he’s going to live with it for quite some time. It is going to slowly kill him and keep coming back to threaten to destroy him.