Coronation Street: Brooke Vincent on Sophie's kiss with physio Jenna

What trouble lies ahead after Sophie shows the health professional exactly how she feels?

Coronation Street: Brooke Vincent on Sophie's kiss with physio Jenna
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It’s two months since Sophie’s road-traffic accident and now that she’s back on her feet, it looks like her physiotherapy sessions with Jenna (Krissi Bohn) will have to come to an end. But Sophie is not at all pleased by the prospect: having developed strong feelings for Jenna, she decides she has to tell her how she feels. But how will Jenna respond to Sophie’s shock kiss? Will she put her career on the line? And how will Jenna and Sophie’s families react when news of the kiss comes out. Actress Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie, reveals all:

So, how much of a support has Jenna been for Sophie during this tough time?

Jenna has made the ride a lot easier. It’s been something to distract Sophie from what she is going through. Sophie never dreamt it could happen, but the feelings for Jenna have developed and it has gone a lot quicker due to the fact that she fancies Jenna.

For how long has she realised she has these feelings for Jenna?

It’s been gradually growing during the time she has been seeing Jenna. Jenna has seemed very interested in Sophie – she’s probably just been being polite and professional, but Sophie has wanted to read much more into it and has made a point of telling Jenna she is a lesbian. She is trying to suss out how Jenna feels.

And how does Sophie feel about her dad making a pass at Jenna?

When she finds out about that she is horrified. She’d got the vibe that Jenna was a lesbian. So Sophie is embarrassed and mortified for Jenna when Kevin does that. Sophie’s always been a daddy’s girl but he does have a knack for upsetting her. Sophie will tell him how it is and speak her mind and stand her ground. But she can’t stay mad at him for ever.

Tell us about how Sophie feels when her back brace is removed and she’s back on her feet.

She’s disappointed that she only needs a few more sessions. So she’s happy that she is making such good progress, but upset that there’s less reason to see Jenna. Sophie would rather go back to six weeks ago when she was seeing Jenna all the time.

What makes Sophie decide to tell Jenna how she feels about her?

She is just constantly trying to be nice with her and trying to push it onto the next level. She buys her an expensive present for Christmas, she buys her drinks in the pub - Jenna feels uncomfortable and tells her that she shouldn’t doing that as it is crossing the line. But Jenna gave Sophie a lift home and Sophie reads a lot into everything Jenna does. So she does think it is time to come clean about how she feels. 

Do you think Jenna given Sophie any indication that her feelings are reciprocated?

I think she has given her some signals. The writers have been really clever – you’ve only really seen the friendship develop on Sophie’s side, but Sophie does believe Jenna sees her as more than patient. For example, Jenna gives Sophie a lift - obviously because she’s going that way but Sophie sees it as something more. It’s a bit of wishful thinking. 

And then we have Sophie moving in for the kiss…

Jenna tells Sophie that she’s going to move her case to a different physio and I reckon that Sophie thinks it’s because Jenna has feelings for her. But Jenna tells her that they have crossed a line and that they are not professional with each other and Sophie just decides to move in for the kill and thinks it is now or never really. 

Does she get the reaction she hopes for or does Jenna knock her back?

Not at first, but just as it looks as though something might be happening Kevin walks in and ruins it all.

And of course Kevin blames Kevin blames Jenna and believes she has abused Sophie’s trust. How does Sophie try to convince him that she was the one who instigated the kiss?

Kevin blames Jenna because he’s embarrassed that he made a pass at a woman who is clearly not interested in men. He can’t blame Sophie as she’s his daughter. He just feels stupid and he wants to blame someone. 

How guilty does she feel when Kevin threatens to report Jenna?

Really guilty. She hadn’t thought it through and that wasn’t meant to happen. She’d planned it all in her head quite naively, but she didn’t see this happening. She is very young and she had a lovely romantic idea about how it would all work out and she didn’t think the consequences through.  

And then we have the added factor of Lloyd, who later reveals that Kevin has reported Jenna to her boss…

She is gutted and really angry with Kevin about that. He ruined things for her with Sian and now he’s ruining this with Jenna. He knows he is doing it for the wrong reasons too. 

So is there any chance of romance between Sophie and Jenna?

Sophie thinks that there is and she has a very romantic view of life. She thinks that love can overcome anything. But this is a lot more complicated than anything she has dealt with before.