Review of the year 2012: June

The nation geared up for a summer of sport, you decided that Weeping Angels are scarier than Daleks, and George W Bush's decapitated head caused controversy for Game of Thrones


Euro 2012, Wimbledon and the Olympics were at the top of our agenda as June got under way as we – and the British public – prepared for a world-beating summer of sport


Louise Brealey – AKA Molly Hooper in Sherlock – opened up about the detective drama and its star, Benedict Cumberbatch during June, confessing that Benny C’s a “really nice, caring good egg”.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Cumberbatch cheered the legions of Cumber-babes and Sherlock fans out there when he revealed that he’d never give up on Sherlock, no matter how famous he becomes.

But before jetting off to Hollywood, Cumberbatch tried his hand at modelling during London Fashion Week and became the coolest man to sport a smoking jacket since Noel Coward.

Speaking of tantalising visuals, Louis Theroux made a return to the world of porn this month and opened up to RT about his post-millennial experiences in the world of grumble flicks and bongo mags.

Sticking with erotica, E.L James’s S&M-heavy tour de force Fifty Shades of Grey made publishing history when it overtook Harry Potter to becme the world’s fastest-selling paperback, and there was more financial success in the air this month when Martin Lewis sold MoneySavingExpert for £87m.

June also saw the Daleks de-throned as Doctor Who’s scariest villains after you, our readers, voted the Weeping Angels to be the most terrifying monsters in the sci-fi show’s history.

There was further controversy as the month wore on and we saw William Shatner winding up the people of Ilfracombe, Jimmy Carr making a hasty apology after being caught using a legal loophole to evade taxes, and the makers of Game of Thrones issuing a mea culpa after using the decapitated head of former US president George Bush as a prop on the show.

In further eyebrow-raising episodes, Big Brother found itself embroiled in another bullying row, Jeremy Paxman made mincemeat of former Treasury minister Chloe Smith on Newsnight, and it was revealed that X Factor mastermind Simon Cowell is only slightly less recognisable than Hitler.

Two of our favourite reality formats were shaken up when Hilary Devy announced that she was quitting Dragons’ Den and Nicole Scherzinger was installed as a new judge on The X Factor, replacing the outgoing Kelly Rowland.

Paul McCartney turned 70 this month, but we bade final farewells to both former Doctor Who actress Caroline John and ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Welch.

In music news, Sony Award-winning OAP DJs Beryl and Betty became overnight sensations after winning a Sony Radio Academy Award and treated us all to their renditions of some popular songs, Muse’s Survival was revealed as the official BBC Olympics song, and we wondered why TV theme tunes in 2012 just aren’t as good as those from yesteryear.


And, as the month came to close, we learnt that the BBC’s beleaguered news journalists had something to celebrate, as the corporation’s coverage of the Arab Spring helped raise average audiences by some 14m viewers