Review of the year 2012: December

In the final chapter of 2012 the X Factor and I'm A Celebrity ran their courses, a royal baby was announced and a certain cycling Brit-pop throwback won a very big prize...


Annoyingly, on 21 December the world ended and any survivors were forced to live in mountain caves or wooden arcs while defending themselves against un-dead squirrels. So first of all, well done you for having the presence of mind to find your way to a computer to read this essential review of the year. You probably stayed alive for this purpose alone, or maybe to watch Corrie


So, onto the final leg of our epic entertainment odyssey. Speccy collar-tugger James Arthur won The X Factor which was a huge relief to all as no one wanted to listen to a purple faced warbler Christopher Maloney winner’s single on a loop on the radio. We compiled the best bits of our hilarious live blog.

Charlie Brooks, aka Eastenders’ tough-as-old-boots Janine Butcher, won I’m a Celebrity, but far more thrillingly a new kind of talent show bounded into our lives in the form of That Dog Can Dance: a sort of X Factor for pooches, judged by three canine panelists. It was just the sort of post-apocalyptic pick-me-up we’d been praying for. 

Wills and Kate announced that they were expecting their first child and the nation began preparing for the six-week long street parties and bank holidays that would inevitably ensue.

Meanwhile in middle earth our very own Martin Freeman starred in The Hobbit which smashed US box office records in true Peter Jackson style.


And in a emotionally charged night of sporting brilliance, everyone’s favourite side-burned cyclist Bradley Wiggins beat off Andy Murray and Jessica Ennis to win Sports Personality Of The Year.