Emmerdale: Chas found not guilty of Carl’s murder and walks free

Get a recap of tonight's dramatic goings-on in the courtroom


Chas Spencer (Lucy Pargeter) has been found not guilty in court of the murder of Carl King (Tom Lister). In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (7.00pm, ITV1), the jury returned its verdict and Chas walked free after spending the last two months on remand in prison.


Niece Debbie (Charley Webb) was angered and yelled “they should be stringing you up for this” to her aunt following the announcement of Chas’s acquittal.

Chas was arrested back in October following the killing of Carl, which took place during Emmerdale’s live 40th anniversary episode. At the time, she and Cameron Muuary (the then partner of Debbie) were being blackmailed by Carl and feared exposure of their clandestine affair.

On the night of the murder, Chas did strike Carl with a brick following his attempt to rape her, but – unbeknownst to her – it was actually Cameron (Dominic Power) who dealt the fatal blow. Since then, Cameron has come close to confessing on several occasions and even looked set to blurt out the truth during his appearance on the stand on Thursday.


But, in the end, Cameron decided to take farmhand Alex Moss (Kurtis Stacey) into his confidence, a move that he has since come to regret. To read more about Alex’s fate in tonight’s episode, click here.