Ricky Gervais confirms starring role in The Muppets movie sequel

James Bobin's project will be the first leading film role for the British star since The Invention of Lying in 2009


Ricky Gervais has confirmed he is to star in the upcoming movie sequel to The Muppets.


The 51-year-old ended days of specualtion by taking to Twitter, saying:”I have the biggest trailer but Kermit will spend some time in my sink.” His agent later confirmed his participation”.

The movie will act as a Sequel to the tremendously popular Disney musical film Man on Muppet released in 2011. Written by Flight of the Conchords star Brett McKenzie and tarring Jason Segel, the movie took more than $150m in box office receipts worldwide, and won an Oscar for best song.

James Bobin will reprise his directorial role on the new film and Segel is expected to return in a cameo role for the movie. Modern Family’s Ty Burrell has already been confirmed as an actor on the project.

It is understood filming on the new Muppets film, which will be Gervais’s first starring feature film role since The Invention of Lying in 2009, will begin in January and will be shot primarily in Britain.


Gervais, who became a household name in Britain after co-creating and starring in BBC sitcom The Office in 2001, has appeared in a number of Hollywood productions in the past decade including Ghost Town and A Night at the Museum.  He did in fact shoot a short cameo in the first Muppets film, but his part was lost to the cutting room floor.