Christmas 2012: best TV on today, Wednesday 2 January

Africa, One Born Every Minute, Queen Victoria's Children, Pingu, Midsomer Murders and Yes Minister

Christmas 2012: best TV on today, Wednesday 2 January
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Isobel Finbow

Africa - 9.00pm, BBC1

David Attenborough presents this lavish film about African wildlife, featuring adorable baby ostriches, fighting giraffes and, of course, some comical meerkats.

One Born Every Minute - 9.00pm, C4

A combination of primal howling, furious dads and a cheery midwife make this maternity ward documentary heart-melting viewing. 

Queen Victoria's Children - 9.00pm, BBC2

A historical look at Queen Victoria's questionable character, including her eccentric fixation on her dead husband and her difficulties bringing up her unruly daughters.

Pingu: a Winter Special - 4.00pm, CBeebies

A half hour bundle of penguin joy. Pingu and co are off to a wedding where the groom's sides are green, the wedding present is broken and one young cousin is a temptingly bad influence. 

Midsomer Murders - 8.00pm, ITV

Slightly tongue-in-cheek drama. A string of murders are carried out in Midsomer Langley, each chillingly reminiscent of a horror movie plot. 

Yes Minister - 8.20pm, Gold

Old school sitcom starring Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne as the politely warring duo of Hacker and Sir Humphrey. Sublimely clever and beautifully funny. 

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