Christmas 2012: best films on TV today, Friday 28 December

The 39 Steps, Zulu, Bridesmaids, Ratatouille, Trainspotting and Niagara


The 39 Steps – 12:40pm, BBC2


Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller starring Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll. Beleaguered Richard Hannay finds himself wrongly accused of murder and is forced to flee across the desolate Scottish moors handcuffed to icy blonde Pamela.  

Zulu – 12:45pm, Channel 4

Stanley Baker, Michael Caine and Jack Hawkins star in this historical war drama re-creating the 1879 battle of Rorke’s Drift. Set off by some brilliant picture editing and a wonderfully evocative soundtrack, Cetewayo – ruler of the great Zulu kingdom – inflicts a heavy defeat upon the British army at Isandhlwana leaving two officers desparately rallying their meagre forces to stage a fightback. 

Bridesmaids – 5:55pm, Sky Movies Comedy

Bridesmaids is bonafide proof that women can have us in stitches as Kristen Wiig plays hapless singleton Annie who is asked to be maid of honour at her best friend Lillian’s wedding. But her efforts to give the bride-to-be the time of her life repeatedly slide into side-splitting chaos as the wife of the groom’s boss waits in the wings to usurp her position. Also starring Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne and Chris O’Dowd. 

Ratatouille – 7:20pm, BBC2

Oscar-winning Pixar animated comedy starring Peter O’Toole and Ian Holm about a young country rat who ignores the misgivings of his family to head to Paris and pursue his dream of becoming the best chef in all of France. But sadly, as a rodent in a Parisian kitchen, he is forced to let the garbage boy take all the credit for his culinary delights…

Trainspotting – 11:25pm, Film4

Danny Boyle’s critically-acclaimed drama starring a brilliant Ewan McGregor as Mark Renton – a heroin addict and petty crook whose attempts to kick his life-threatening habit are repeatedly crushed by the grind of everyday life and his circle of fellow junkies. Also starring Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller and Ewen Bremner.  

Niagara – 3:10am, Channel 4


Marilyn Munroe’s star hits the stratosphere with her performance in this romantic thriller set in the honeymoon resort of Niagara Falls. Newlyweds Polly and Ray Cutler are on holiday where they meet George Loomis and his brazen and alluring wife, Rose. But when Polly discovers Rose’s schemes to murder her husband with the help of her lover, she struggles to convince anyone of the impending danger.