Doctor Who: Matt Smith teases series seven episode – “What if there was a monster in the Wi-Fi?”

Could sentient Wi-Fi be scary? It could in the hands of Steven Moffat...


With Doctor Who fans currently fixing their attention on Christmas special The Snowmen, it’s easy to forget that there are eight new episodes to come in the spring.


One, penned by Neil Gaiman, will feature the return of the Cybermen, while another promises to take us on a Journey to the Centre of the Tardis.

Other than that, we know very little, so any morsels of information are very welcome. Thanks, then, to Matt Smith who dropped an intriguing hint during an interview on This Morning…

“It’s clever old Steven,” said Smith, discussing an upcoming series seven episode. “What exists in the Wi-Fi? What if there was a monster in the Wi-Fi…?”


And if that doesn’t sound too frightening, remember, this is from the mind of the man who brought us the Weeping Angels, the scariest Doctor Who monsters ever