Coronation Street spoilers: Lewis to kiss a smitten Gail

"She's so caught up in all the flattery," reveals actress Helen Worth


Wily charmer Lewis Archer (Nigel Havers) is to begin 2013 by kissing Gail McIntyre (Helen Worth). The smooch is all part of Lewis’s scheme to punish her for ruining his relationship with Audrey, but does Gail suspect that she is being manipulated? 


“Not for one minute, no,” reveals actress Helen Worth. “She has always had such bad judgement when it comes to men. She’s always so keen to be in a relationship that her heart always rules her head.” 

Gail has one of the Street’s worst track records when it comes to picking partners, having previously married murderer Richard Hillman and, more recently, Joe McIntyre, who ended up dying for real after trying merely to fake his own demise. So why has she now been hoodwinked by someone like Lewis? 

“He is a brilliant actor and conman. She’s so caught up in all the flattery and her own guilt at having accused him of something, that she will now believe anything he tells her. That’s how men like Lewis get away with conning woman after woman. Even if people are warned about him, he can still charm them.” 

Gail, of course, did have her suspicions that Lewis was out to swindle her mum, but how would she feel if she knew she was now being just as gullible as Audrey? 

“She would be devastated,” says Worth. “It has taken her a long time to get over Joe’s death and the lies that he told her about the trouble he was in. She would like to think that she has learnt from the disastrous and almost fatal marriage to Richard Hillman – but bless her, she is forever the optimist looking for love and wanting to be wanted.”

But is there a small part of her that believes Gail ought to be punished for wrecking Audrey’s romance? 


“I think that’s a bit harsh! She’s foolish and easily led but she didn’t wreck it for the wrong reasons. She genuinely thought that her mum was being conned again and she wanted to put an end to it. Sadly, she may be proved right but at her own expense.”