Merlin: the finale - preview pictures

See Merlin and Morgana in the last ever episode of BBC1's Merlin

Merlin: the finale - preview pictures
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Ellie Walker-Arnott

After five successful series and hundreds of plot twists, BBC1's Merlin is casting its final spell. 

And while we have to wait until Christmas to find out what the very last episode has in store for Merlin, Gwen, Arthur and Morgana, we have been assured by Colin Morgan himself that fans will be "very, very pleased." 

These preview pictures of the final episode show Merlin disguised as an old man while a sword-wielding Morgana looks as though she's taken on an even darker persona than normal...

final episode, Merlin, Emrys

Merlin, Emrys, final episode, Colin Morgan

Merlin, last episode, Emrys

Merlin, Morgana, last episode

Merlin, Morgana, final episode

Merlin, Morgana, final episode

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