Missing Fresh Meat? Watch series two video extras

See everything from Josie's video diary to JP's promo clip for Kingsley and Oregon's band


Missing Fresh Meat now that series two’s come to an end? Don’t worry. For one thing, the show’s getting a third run and, for another, you can enjoy a whole of host of brand-new internet-only video extras from the Fresh Meat gang below.


Channel 4’s just released a range of clips to tie in with the end of the student sitcom’s second series, kicking off with this video diary from bubbly Welsh undergrad Josie (Kimberley Nixon), which begins on her first day at uni and finishes at the end of first year.

Then there’s Scottish oddball Howard’s (Greg McHugh) end-of-year broadcast from his bedroom-based radio station Howard FM, in which the bespectacled eccentric offers up the latest campus news and advice on personal safety issues.

How should girls avoid having their drinks spiked, for instance? “My advice is, pour your drink into a sponge and simply suck it over the course of the night. Because as we all know, you cannot spike a sponge…”

Ever the opportunist, JP (Jack Whitehall) has put together a clip to promote Kingsley and Oregon’s band Hartnell Avenue, which includes clips from their zero-budget but high-concept music video.

(By the way, don’t bother emailing JP at the address at the end of the video – I’ve just been nerdy enough to try and it bounced back.)

In this clip, Joe Thomas (Kingsley) and Kimberly Nixon talk about filming the sex scenes in the final episode of Fresh Meat series two.

Here, Zawe Ashton (Vod) and Charlotte Ritchie (Oregon) discuss the relationship between their characters on the show.

And finally, betrayal’s been a recurring theme in Fresh Meat’s second series, so here’s Manchester Medlock’s passive-aggressive student counsellor offering some guidance on how to deal with the problem.



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