Downton Abbey Christmas Gift Guide

Your ultimate guide to the best Christmas presents for fans of the period drama


1. Complete Downton DVD box set


Re-live all three series of Downton Abbey, plus the first Christmas at Downton seasonal special with this complete DVD box set. As well as every episode of the period drama to date, the set also includes over three hours of extra bonus material.

£28.00 Buy it here

2. The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookery Book

This cookery book based on the series proves that Downton doesn’t just provide food for thought. Containing over 150 recipes, the tome will teach you how to prepare everything from Lady Mary’s Crab Canapes to Mrs. Patmore’s Christmas Pudding.

£9.51 Buy it here

3. A Downton tour

You’ve seen the show – now see its locations. This full-day tour, which departs from London, explores a host of locales featured in Downton Abbey including the fictional Downton village and the Crawley’s stately home, Highclere castle in Hampshire.

£75.00 Book tickets here

4. Official Downton Abbey calendar

You’ll be able to count down the days until series four begins with this official Downton calendar, which features pictures of Lady Mary, Matthew, Lady Sybil, Tom Branson and Lord and Lady Grantham.

£7.99 Buy it here

5. 1000 piece Downton jigsaw

Jigsaws were all the rage in the roaring twenties, and this Downton jigsaw could prove just as popular in 2012/13. With 1000 high-quality pieces, this puzzle should be enough to keep even the most ardent Downton fan entertained for hours.

£11.70 Buy it here


6. Script collections

Forget charades this Christmas – instead, get a few copies of these script compendiums in, assign each member of your family a character and stage your own read-through at home!

£10.49 Buy season one here

£10.87 Buy season two here

7. Edwardian Christmas crackers

Celebrate Christmas in truly opulent Crawley style with these premium crackers. While they’re not cheap (£50 for six), they do contain a host of silver-plated goodies like a caddy spoon, salt and pepper shakers and wine bottle-stoppers, all of which sound more appealing than another set of tiny screwdrivers, eh?

£50 Buy them here

8. T-shirts

With a selection of designs including a parody of the Towie logo (left), sillouettes of Violet Crawley and quotes from the series, these t-shirts are perfect for fashion-conscious Downton aficionados.

£17.24 Buy them here

9. Cushions

What does your home say about you? Well, if it’s stuffed full of these cushions it’ll tell visitors that you’re not only a fan of TV’s most popular period drama, but rather partial to your creature comforts too.

£13.99 Buy here

10. Julian Fellowes novel omnibus

Containing the Sunday Times bestselling novels Past Imperfect and Snobs, this omnibus is just as jam-packed with Julian Fellowes’s witty observations about upper-class English life as Downton.


£5.99 Buy it here