Emmerdale spoilers: Brett the vet hits on Rhona, Marlon and Paddy hit the spa, Chas changes her plea

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Emmerdale spoilers: Brett the vet hits on Rhona, Marlon and Paddy hit the spa, Chas changes her plea
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It doesn’t look like there’s much in the way of ‘activity’ going on during Marlon and Paddy’s ‘activity day’, does it? Looks more like a spa break, really, what with the facemasks and the toweling robes… 

And they certainly wouldn’t be looking so relaxed if they could see what was going on back home. Yes, that’s Brett the vet (he of the lustrous hair and charming kennel-side manner) hitting on Rhona. 

As Brett tells her she’s not happy with Paddy and that she should stop lying to herself, Rhona is stunned and demands he leave, offering to pay him until the end of the week. 

Back at the hotel, Marlon and Paddy are asleep and beer cans litter the floor. Rhona calls Paddy but he doesn’t answer and when the pair of them ext to say they’re not coming back just yet, Rhona’s determined to find out what’s going on.

She and Laurel arrive at the hotel just as Paddy and Marlon are tucking into room service. Emotions are soon running high with Laurel soon bursting into tears – she ends up confiding in Rhona that she’s been selfish uprooting her children and confesses that she doesn’t know if being with Marlon is the right thing for her or the family.

In prison, Chas is numb with shock when she discovers that Tracey (her friend behind bars) has taken her own life after being a five-year prison sentence. On the outside, Jimmy tells Cameron that he’s offering £5000 to help with Chas’s legal team. 

What neither of them have counted on though is Chas growing so wracked with guilt that she decides to sack her brief and pay for what she thinks is her crime by pleading guilty. 

Gennie is adamant that Cameron has to make Chas see sense because he got her into this mess in the first place. Outside the police station, he tearfully calls his kids and braces himself to give the detective in charge information on Carl’s murder. But the police are frustrated by the lack of any solid facts from Cameron. 

Jimmy, meanwhile, visits a nervous Chas in prison and the pair are brought together as she apologises. Jimmy is determined not to let Carl drag her down and begs her to plead not guilty. But will his words be enough to make Chas reconsider?

Finally, the latest man in Bernice’s life – the very married Steve – turns up at the Woolpack. But a private talk ends with Bernice ordering Steve to go back to his wife. Rodney comforts his heartbroken daughter and Val assures her that she’s better off without him. But, on a visit later to Nicola’s, Bernice confesses that she’s still in love with Steve and cannot live without him. However, a small bit of subterfuge on the part of Nico ends up having far-reaching consequences…