Coronation Street spoilers: Tina and Tommy split, Kylie gets a promotion, Nick plans a Vegas wedding

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Coronation Street spoilers: Tina and Tommy split, Kylie gets a promotion, Nick plans a Vegas wedding
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Secrets never stay secret for long in soapland and, sure enough, not long after Tina has her scan, news of her pregnancy hits the Street. As per usual, it’s Norris (or “rent a gas bag” as Rita brands him) who takes pride in spreading the gossip after witnessing Tina collapsing. 

It turns out that she has a touch of anaemia, but Tommy is also perturbed by the fact that the Rovers regulars believe that he is the father of Tina’s child. “A pint for Daddy Duckworth!” they all yell, oblivious to the fact that Tommy is biting his tongue and keeping mum about the surrogacy deal with Gary and Izzy. 

Matters get worse when David mentions that Tina had an abortion when she was with him. Obviously, Tina is annoyed when Tommy then raises the idea with Tina of her having an abortion this time around and, pretty soon, their argument has become so heated that Tommy is left with no option but to leave the flat. 

The next day, when word of Tommy’s abandonment of his pregnant girlfriend spreads, he quickly becomes the pariah of the community. With speculation rife that he may not be the father of the unborn child, Tommy ends up revealing all in the pub: 

“No, I’m not the dad,” he announces, “and better yet, and you’ll love this, she’s not even the mum!”

There are pregnancy problems with the Platts too, although theirs are down to the fact that David wants a child and Kylie doesn’t. She’s more excited by the prospect of advancing her career and, after seeing how well she’s coped with the demands of a bustling Bistro, Nick is impressed: 

“I thought I could handle it,” she says, to which he replies, “You thought right” before making her assistant manager. 

Back home, David wants to take advantage of every baby-making opportunity, but Kylie knows that she’s never going to get pregnant: unbeknownst to David, she’s still on the pill. 

Later in the week, Gail accidentally discovers Kylie’s deception after knocking over the handbag in which her contraceptive pills are stashed. A sympathetic Gail advises her daughter-in-law to tell David the truth, but the confession leaves David in a state of turmoil. 

He heads to the Rovers but gets a pint in his face from Tina, who’s angered by the fact that he told Tommy about the abortion. However, following an apology, the pair end up commiserating back at Tina’s flat as she explains about the original financial incentive behind the surrogacy and the fact that she’s now going through with it because she genuinely wants to help Gary and Izzy. 

Kylie, though, is waiting up at  home for David’s return – so will he head back or make her sweat?

Dennis is also focusing upon his career as he’s landed a new job – as a Traffic Management Operative. If you’re in the dark about what this involves, then think of a lollipop and a level crossing and you’ll be on the right lines. 

Dennis isn’t too keen to reveal the true nature of his role to Rita and Norris, but Steve rumbles his secret when he sees him at work outside Bessie Street school. Steve isn’t able to resist a snide dig and, in revenge, Dennis then keeps Steve waiting at the crossing. His anger rising, Steve ends up confiscating Dennis’s lollipop. 

But the whole thing spirals out of control when Dennis’s colleague Malcolm turns up later at the Rovers with a police officer in tow. They’re seeking out Steve for stealing council property, but Dennis’s attempts to fob them off fall on deaf ears. It looks like his lollipop duties will be laid bare in front of his nearest and dearest.

Elsewhere, Leanne and Ken receive grovelling letters from Peter, which lead them to believe that he has no plans to return. Simon takes the news really badly, upset that his dad will miss his nativity. In a bid to cheer him up, Nick proposes a holiday to Disneyworld. But Leanne’s amusement turns to shock when Nick suggests they also visit Las Vegas and remarry!