The Big Bang Theory series six draws second-highest audience in E4’s history

Over 3.3 million people watched the first episode of the new series of the cult US sitcom earlier this month - bettered only by The Inbetweeners


In case you didn’t know, nerdy is the new cool. The evidence? A TV audience of 3.3 million for science-geek sitcom The Big Bang Theory on its return to E4 earlier this month.


According to consolidated figures (including +1, HD and time-shift viewing), the first episode of the new sixth series not only outgunned all but ITV1 and BBC1 in its 8-8:30pm slot on E4 on 15 November but also drew the channel’s second-highest viewing figures since its launch in January 2001.

Only an episode of The Inbetweeners has been watched by more people on E4, with an audience of 4.2m in October 2010, and this year no multichannel offering other than Olympics coverage has bettered The Big Bang Theory.

The episode – which sees aerospace engineer Howard in orbit aboard the International Space Station – further boosted its hip credentials by pulling in the biggest share of 16-34-year-olds (27.2%, 1.6m viewers) across all channels.


And if that isn’t enough information to satisfy even the biggest stats geek, we don’t know what is…